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  1. The last two pics from no training at all, regular eat what I want diet.


    rest of the pics are on a healthy diet about maybe 1 month in? or so. with weight training and little cardio.






    I had to remove the man butt on strict orders from my lady

  2. Hello fello vegans


    Im 24 years old, I come from finland but i live in sweden.


    I run my own construction company since three years.


    I run a completly vegan household. ive been vegitarian since i turned 16 and vegan since 20.


    lately i have felt the need to get my sexy body back from when i trained muay thai which i quit about 3 years ago. And also having a stong back and ab muscles helps me reduce my back pain which i suffered in an accident to zero.


    So now im here, im gonna accomplish my goal by going out jogging, running in stairs(i love running in actual stairs:D) and lifting weights at home.


    ive read a lot of positive feedback on the use of EAA supplements so im gonna give that a try and continue using Creatine puryvate from eiselt which i have had positive results with.


    so this is me, any questions?

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