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  1. I love the "What do Vegans Eat?" article. Many people focus on the "can't haves" in a plant-based diet while forgetting the amazing list of things you can eat
  2. Wow, wow, wow! I can't believe all the awesome stuff in this package. I was totally blown away by all the awesome product in it. And, it arrived at such a fantastic time for me. I'm getting ready for a lot of business travel and it takes so much more planning to eat healthy and well on the road. Thanks so much and thanks to all the amazing sponsors who made this happen. Just incredible! Please post any names/businesses that we can thank for the love! -Cheryl
  3. Feb 1 Ran 5 miles, stretch Back & Bi, 4 X 12 Assisted pull ups lat pull downs t-bar rows stiff arm lat pull assisted chin ups preacher curl glute raises ab extensions planks
  4. 1/31/12 Tuesday Legs, 4 X12 db walking lunges bb squats, close stance bb step ups bb deadlifts close stance db calf raises bosu hamstring curls glute raises ab extensions reverse crunches bosu crunches
  5. I enjoyed the new inspiring people, some new tips, and seeing everyone's different goals and programs.
  6. 1/30/12 Ran 5.5 miles stretch Chest, Shoulders, Tri, 4 X 12 bb shoulder press bb bench press weighted tri dip db tri kickback db front raise glute raises ab extensions bicycle crunches
  7. 1/29/12 Sunday Ran 5.5 miles stretch Back & Bi, 4 X12 bb upright row bent over bb rows preacher curls stiff arm lat pull high rows db rows glute raises bosu crunches db crunches
  8. 1/27/12 Friday Legs, 4 X 12 db walking lunges barbell squats barbell step ups barbell deadlifts db calf raises ball hs curls leg lifts glute raise db russian twists bosuab extensions
  9. Thursday, Jan 26th Ran 5.5 miles stretch Chest, Shoulders, Tri, 4 X12 db Arnold press bb bench press weighted tri dips front raise side raise db incline fly glute raise ball crunch reverse crunch
  10. Jan 25 Back & Bi 4X12 sets Shoulder press pull ups bent over bb rows stiff arm lat pulls bicep curls Bent over delt flys ball crunches glute raises db situps bicycle crunches
  11. Jan 24 Tuesday Ran 5.5 miles, stretch Legs, 4X12 db walking lunges close db squats db single leg dead lifts bb steps ups bosu hs curls glute raises db calf raises ab extensions
  12. Jan 22 Sunday Warm up Chest, Shoulder, Tri, 4X12 BB Decline chest prest DB flys shoulder press rope tris tricep press down rear delt flys glute raise ab extensions captains chair obliques Ran 5 miles stretch
  13. Jan 21st Back & Bi, 4X12, warm up pullups chinups t-bar row preacher curls lat pulls stiff arm lat glute raises ball crunches ab extensions Ran miles stretch
  14. My back muscles! I've really seen an improvement in them from working on them but I still have a ways to go. It's a challenge but it doesn't feel hopeless.
  15. Legs, 4 X 12s warm up bb squats bb step ups bb deadlifts db calf raises db walking lunges hs curls glute raises db russian twists bosu ab extensions
  16. Jan 19 Thursday Ran 8 miles stretch Chest, Shoulders, Tri, 4 X 12 Bench press shoulder press incline fly side raise shoulder scaption weighted tri dips glute raises bicycle crunches ball crunches
  17. Feeling strong & healthy, being a good role model for my son, and competing in different athletic events all keep me motivated!
  18. Jan 18th Ran 5.5 miles stretch Back & Bi, 4 X 12 upright rows pull ups preacher curls db bent over rows stiff arm lat pull high rows glute raises ab extension db situps
  19. Jan 17th Tuesday Legs, 4 X12 sets warm up barbell squats bb stepups db walking lunges bb deadlifts db calf raises hamstring curls glute raises reverse crunches Russian twists
  20. 1/16 5.5 mile run stretch 4 X12 chest, shoulder, tri shoulder press bench press incline flys side raise front raise tri dip glute raise bosu crunch bosu ab extension left lift
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