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  1. 1/13/12 Friday Legs 4X12 warm up walking db lunges bb stepups db squats db squats calf raises bosu hs curls glute raises bicycles bosu ab extensions
  2. The path to veganism opened up a whole new world of food, friends, books, websites and restaurants for me! I researched and tried all types of foods I had been unfamiliar with before like flax, hemp, quinoa, amaranth, tempeh, coconut milk, athletic supplements like Vega, and websites like this one! I certainly found there was far more to it than a life of salads. And, I don't have to worry about getting enough protein!
  3. 1/12/12 Ran 5.5 miles stretch Chest, Shoulders, Tri, 4 X 12 Handstand pushups Weighted tri dips shoulder press bench press front raise incline fly glute raises db Russian twists db situps
  4. Jan 11 Wed Ran 5.5 miles Back & Bi, 4 X 12s pull ups upright rows bicep curls bb bent over row stiff arm lat pull high rows glute raises ball crunches bosu ab extensions stretch
  5. Jan 10 Ran 5.5 miles Legs, 4X12 db walking lunges bb plie squats bb step ups db single leg deadlifts db calf raises hs curls glute raises bicycle crunches reverse crunches stretch
  6. Monday, 1/9 Chest, Shoulders, Tri, 4 X 12 shoulder press bench press incline fly front raises weighted tri dip glute raises db situps Bosu ab extensions Bosu crunches
  7. My husband is a crazy amazing cook! He made an awesome homemade hummus topped with pine nuts and roasted eggplant and garlic(baba ghanoush) along with fresh cut veggies for dipping and scooping. Yummy!
  8. Saturday Jan 7 Ran 5.5 miles stretch & massage Back & Bi, 4X12 upright row bent over bb row stiff arm lat pull preacher curls pull ups bosu ab extensions russian twists glute raises
  9. Jan 6 Legs, 4X12s walking db lunges squats stepups deadlifts calf raises hamstring curls bicycle crunches reverse crunches glute raises warm up
  10. Jan 5 Ran 8 miles stretch Chest, Shoulders, Tri 4X12 shoulder press bench press tri kickbacks incline fly front raise reverse pec fly glute raises ball crunches bosu ab extensions
  11. Wed Jan 4 Ran 5.5 miles stretch Back & Bi, 4X12 pull ups upright rows bb rows bicep curls stiff arm lat pulls high rows db situps russian twists
  12. Jan 3rd Ran 5.25 miles Leg Day, 4 X12s db lunges squats step ups deadlifts calf raises hamstring curls glute raises crunches stretch
  13. Jan 2, 2012 Ran 5.5 miles Chest, Shoulder, Tri Workout, 4X12's 1. Bench press 2. Shoulder press 3. Weighted tricep dips 4. Side raises 5. front raises 6. shoulder scaption stretch 4X15 ab extensions glute raises reverse crunches
  14. It sounds like you might have similar problems as me. To get enough high quality carb calories in a vegetarian/vegan diet drives my fiber grams per day through the roof since all the proteins and fats contain fiber as well. I'm very petite so it's easy to end up with a belly that feels like a bowling ball. Getting too much fiber per 1000 cals is my issue. Excess fiber can actually interfere with good nutrient absorption. Potatoes and rice are good options for higher calorie / lower fiber density. Does anyone else have some good options they've found? I've been trying to build some mass and have had to start drinking more vegan protein powder drinks to help
  15. I love these raw, vegan bars for long bike rides and travel: http://www.organicfoodbar.com/products
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