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  1. Today: Front Lateral Pulldowns with a resistance band - 15 reps Seated Row w/ resistance band - 15 reps Standing Upright Row w/ 10 lbs dumbbells - 10 reps Bicycles - 20 reps both sides Plank with opposing arm/leg lifts (held for 3 seconds) - 5 each side did the set three times I should probably also mention that a week ago my bf (eats meat, but only when we're eating out) decided we should both start eating raw as a experiment. (physics major, love experiments, lol) So I've been eating raw with the exception of sprouted Genesis bread and almond milk (til I get the time to make my own) and the occasional non-raw snack. Feeling great so far.
  2. Wednesday: Walking lunges with 10lb Dumbbells - 20 reps Body Ball Leg Curl - 12 reps Leg Press w/ Resistance Bands - 12 reps Crab Walk with 10lb dumbbell and resistance band tied around legs - 12 reps Calf Presses Thursday & Friday: skipped made up for it Saturday: One-Leg Bent-Over Lateral Raise w/ Resistance band - 8,6, & 5 reps each leg Front Raise w/ resistance bands - 15, 12, &10 reps Body Ball Push-ups (with legs on the ball) - 10,8, & 6 reps Dumbbell Pullovers (lying down, lifting 10lb. weight over head) - 10, 8, and 6 reps Body Ball Crunches w/ 3lb. weight - 20 Lying Straight Leg Lifts - 15 reps Body Ball Knee Tuck - 15 Side Plank - 30 seconds each side (lasting longer this week) ^ 3 sets I'm already seeing some good results: weight - 112lbs to 115lbs (it dropped down to 104 between those) BF% - 23% to 21.7%
  3. Exactly. I'm basing my opinion on the cops I know, and how they know they should act. Even if you're acting to protecting yourself and have no concern for the law, punching a girl in the face if you are not seriously threatened is a BAD idea, surrounded by people that can make your situation worse if you are the only cop there. It was just a stupid thing to do on his part. Being a cop is a tough gig, but if you can't handle high-pressure situations without losing your cool, you should find another job.
  4. I've never had enough money for a gym, so I'm trying out what I can at home. I also don't have a lot of room, so I'm doing what I can with resistance bands and dumbbells.
  5. I watch a lot of DVDs and have many movies stream to my TV through my playstation. I recently got TV service, and now watch a fair bit. I'm in LOVE with planet green, animal planet, national geographic, science channel, turner classic movies, and have a bunch of movie channel in HD too. In other words, I almost NEVER watch a half hour show, but watch many hour long + specials and movies. And by many, I guess I mean I average 2 hours a day.
  6. Friday: Body Ball Crunches w/ 3lb. weight - 20 Lying Straight Leg Lifts - 15 reps Body Ball Knee Tuck - 15 Side Plank - 30 seconds each side (down to 20 by the 3rd set) 3 sets Then I did 30 minutes of yoga focusing on my abs Saturday: Was supposed to do only 30 minutes of cardio, but I felt restless after 3 days of working out, so I did Tuesday's arm set: Resistance Band Curls - 15, 12, 10 reps -super set with- Seated dumbbells overhead extensions - 15, 12, 10 reps with 10lb. weight Bench dips - 8, 6, 6 reps Plank position arms lifts with 10 lb. weights - 10 reps each side did 3 sets Sunday: rest Monday: did not find the time to work out. So I did both Monday and Tuesdays sets this morning Tuesday: Back crunches - 20 Resistance band front lateral pulldowns - 15, 12, 10 reps Resistance band back lateral pulldowns - 15, 12, 20 reps Twisting oblique crunches on body ball (w/ 10lb. weight first set, 3lb. 2nd & 3rd) - 8 reps both sides Butt-Ups - 15 reps did that set 3 times then: Resistance Band curls (with wider stance than Saturday) - 15, 12, 10 reps -superset with- Seated dumbbell overhead extension - 15, 12, 10 reps Bench dips - this time made 10, 8, 6 reps...just barely Lunging arm lifts - 10 reps each side No time for more before work, so will squeeze in some yoga tonight if 11 hours of work doesn't bust my ass first.
  7. ^+1. Describes me exactly. Most of the time I smoke weed its actually in really small amount just to help my anxiety. Oddly enough, it's the only thing I've found that helps. Every kind of alcohol tastes like disgust to me. However, every time my boyfriend really digs a beer or a wine, I still stiff it, and if it's not revolting I might put a dab on my tongue. I'm not completely turning down the idea of a small bit of wine once in a blue moon if I actually find one I enjoy.
  8. Since when does jaywalking lead to an arrest anyhow? I don't even understand why it's illegal. Stupid in inconsiderate if there are cars coming, but if there aren't, who does it harm? To me, force like that should be used if the cop feels like he is in danger of being hurt. If he felt he was going to be hurt, he's way too paranoid to be a cop.
  9. The last time I cut my hair (8 years ago) It was all horrible and uneven and I had to go have a professional fix it. I can't be bothered with all that. Now I have dreads, so no cutting, and my boyfriend's going bald so he has me shave his head. Easy peasy.
  10. BTW, I'm starting out at 112lbs, 23% body fat (calculated by cheap scale, but it's all I got). I'm 5'2". I've already lost about 10 pounds the past few months, but now I really want to focus on gaining some muscle and getting back the physique I had when dancing, plus some! Let me post some measurements to compare to later. chest - 24" waist - 26" hips - 36" thighs - 19" calves - 13" (WAY smaller than I'm used to) biceps - 10"
  11. Okay, so I worked out a little routine for myself and started yesterday. Now I'm making myself accountable so I don't give up! I took a lot of exercises usually done on machines and tried to alter them so I can do them at home with the equipment I already have. I also wanted very efficient moves that hit whole muscle groups. This is I guess version 1.0, and I might make changes as I see fit. The following are the sets I'm doing for the first two weeks. Wednesday: (legs!) Walking lunges with 10lb Dumbbells - 20 reps Body Ball Leg Curl - 12 reps Leg Press w/ Resistance Bands - 12 reps Crab Walk with 10lb dumbbell and resistance band tied around legs - 12 reps Calf Presses - routine I did when I used to dance to strengthen my calves. Basically releves taking 8 counts up, 8 counts down, 4 up 4 down x2, 2 up 2 down x4, 1 up 1 down x 8, and 16 releves in one count. If I'm feeling strong, I repeat the whole thing on one leg. Did this set 3x. I theory, I was supposed to follow with 30 mins of lower body yoga, but I didn't have enough time. (moving into a new house right now) Today I did: Thursday: shoulders & chest! One-Leg Bent-Over Lateral Raise w/ Resistance band - 8,6, & 5 reps each leg Front Raise w/ resistance bands - 15, 12, &10 reps Body Ball Push-ups (with legs on the ball) - 10,8, & 6 reps Dumbbell Pullovers (lying down, lifting 10lb. weight over head) - 10, 8, and 6 reps did the set 3x. Supposed to follow with 30 mins. of cardio, but again we'll see how that goes. Not a big cardio girl unless I'm in dance class or have time to ride my bike. I'm going to try to fit some in after work tonight. So far I'm feeling pretty good. Can't wait for abs tomorrow!
  12. Oh man, I love those cheesy sci-fi originals. Anyone see House of Bones? It was actually surprisingly good, my ex roommate was an extra/art director's assistant. There was another one called Chrome Angels that he and my boyfriend were in, but they keep pushing back the release. Best/Worst movies ever: Blood Moon, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Movie I HATED: Punch Drunk Love, The Royal Tenenbaums
  13. as long as it's been cleaned and not covered in meat grease. If I'm having veggies at a friend's BBQ, they usually cook them on foil anyway.
  14. yeah, the "Master Cleanse" is this wonderful fad detox also sometimes called "The Lemonade Diet." You do that above mentioned drink in lieu of ANY food for 2 weeks. It was developed by a doctor in the 40s, and no more modern science has altered it since it's creation. It pops up as a fad again at about once a decade, because women lose weight on it quickly (about 5-10 pounds, pretty standard considering you a) starve yourself and b) flush out your bowels) and tell ALL their friends that its a miracle cure. The cayenne and lemon juice is actually a good idea for boosting your metabolism, but not eating isn't. One of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning is to take a shot (in an actual shot glass) of ACV, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. It helps "wake up" my digestive system so I can eat breakfast without feeling nauseous, and boosts said metabolism. But then I EAT afterwards, lol. They also use Grade B maple syrup, which has slightly higher amounts of trace minerals than the regular stuff, and claim you're getting all your nutrients from that....cuz sucrose totally = all nutrients. lol. It's a bigger scam than the atkins diet, and just as crazy. It will never cease to amaze me how hoards of women will starve themselves for weeks, but eating healthy is "too hard" to do.
  15. Glad he mentions how calcium carbonate is not absorbed well unless taken with food, or if the acidity in the stomach is reduced due to taking antacids (like TUMS, which is why it should NEVER be used as a calcium supplement). I REALLY advise against taking a calcium supplement unless it is not a carbonate form, it IS combined with magnesium, Vitamin D, and perhaps phosphorus/zinc, and NOT in huge amounts like 1000mg at a time. Otherwise, it's gonna go through you, not get used, and end up in your kidneys where minerals like that get turned into kidney stones. not fun.
  16. I used to have ovarian cysts all the time when I was younger, and they all but disappeared when I changed my diet (went from being a junk-food white bread loving omni to a whole food loving vegan, so hard to tell which factors helped the most). I got another one recently and it really sucks cuz it's interfering with my sex life. Usually I don't have pain from movement, or even most strenuous exercises. But during sex, there are certain things that feel good...and those certain things just happen to hurt my ovaries now. grr... I have started taking some wild yam and phytoestrogens in an attempt to stabilize my hormones, and have found that it greatly reduces any cramps or other PMS/menstrual symptoms. I don't take them while I'm on my period, and I think it makes the surge of estrogen less dramatic. Idk, I'm gonna see if it helps the cyst go away faster than usual too.
  17. If you supplement with creatine, there are a few things you should know: 1. When combined with acids, creatine is turned into creatinine which is a form that will not give you the results you're looking for, and damages your liver as it is very hard for it to metabolize. That means, DON'T combine creatine with fruit juice, and only take it in an enteric coated capsule that protect it from the acids in your stomach and ensure absorption in the intestines. 2. Creatine monohydrate does not absorb well, and can lead to digestive issues. Look for a creatine malate or hydrochloride. It also does not need a loading phase. 3. You must cycle creatine or your body will not be able to produce it on its own as well. Usually a month on, and a week break, or something similar. 4. Personally, given the problems with taking creatine correctly, and the fact that most creatine isn't vegan, I'd suggest supplementing with the amino acids that your body needs to produce creatine: arginine, glycine, and methionine.
  18. Hello! I've been vegan for 6 years, and always been active. I danced competitively for 15 years, and now I do a lot of yoga and city bicycling (commuted by bike for a while too). I'm currently trying to get into better shape. I don't need to lose any weight, but am trying to put on muscle mass. In addition to yoga, biking, and free weights I've recently added exercise with a balance ball, resistance bands, and other more traditional exercises to my regime. I work in supplement/vitamin retail, and I've been studying nutrition, sports nutrition, herbs, and supplements for the past 5 years, so if you have any questions, let me know! That's it for now!
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