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  1. Owell. I just love all these bands that Chris Collohan was in. Haymaker is playing in Baltimore. If you're not going, you're going to miss out on the most ridiculous set around.
  2. From my experiences, water works just fine but vegetable broth seems to have extra flavor to it. You can do quinoa in just about any medley of vegetables, just make sure your mixture of veggies works together. I think some zucchini, onion and pepper on top would work nicely. Just try it all until you find your rhythm to it.
  3. Saw UTE at TIH last year and no one cared. Surprise surprise. EDIT: I finally checked out Abnegation. I'd take Chokehold any day over them. They overdo the metalcore riffs that came to characterize everything awful in hardcore. I mean, they did it in early metallic hardcore days so I'm fine with it but it's still something I'd rather not.
  4. It's a powder. It'll most likely be fine especially if it's been in a bag that's sealed. If it's been open for that long, would not.
  5. Not enough talk of Chokehold. Does anyone like Integrity? If you get really bored, go check this out... http://www.myspace.com/cutshortde
  6. It has definitely grown in popularity in the past few years, so you can probably find it at most grocery stores, though it might be pushed off into the "health food" aisle. Be sure to rinse it well before cooking it. I didn't know about this step the first few times I cooked with it and I couldn't see why people thought it was so great -- it tasted really bitter to me. But that's because of the saponins that naturally coat the outside. (Though this might already be removed in some commercial brands. I buy mine in bulk, so I don't really know if this differs in brand-name stuff.) Edit to say: Wikipedia confirms my suspicion that boxed brands typically pre-rinse the quinoa. I think I might just stop by the local naturals store. I'm positive I've seen it there but I've never been able to find it at our normal grocery store. I always enjoy good excuses to check out the naturals store though.
  7. Posting for later! Definitely going to start cooking this. Is it available at all regular grocery stores?
  8. Ahaha, I do know how to cook. I've cut back on the chinese binge and now I'm feeling super great. Everything in that area seems to be working fine too, ahahahaha. I've still got to go for the blood work to check everything which I'm gonna do anyway. That recipe you suggested looks so good. I've already got my meals planned for like the next two days but I'm definitely trying that soon. Stuffed shells today for dinner. Yum!
  9. Okay, so I feel really weird taking my first one of these. This is where I'm at now, we'll call this the start just because I don't have any pictures that go back any further than this. http://i48.tinypic.com/dcvg5u.jpg I weigh 165 at about 5'8". I'm trying to lose more around the tummy area and try gaining more in the upper body. The last year has been a lot of on and off working at building a solid core and losing a lot of fat. I feel so much better now with my diet and how my body has developed since then. The inconsistencies have been the reason why results have been so slow. Going to stick with things and keep moving full steam ahead!
  10. The amount of times I've seen this/heard this part in real life is unreal. Ahahaha.
  11. I'm from Newark. OC is probably around 2 hours from here, I think. That's awesome to hear from someone who actually grew up around here. As I get older, the whole area seems like it's constantly growing smaller. I'm in Newark. There's a bunch of restaurants around here that are vegan friendly. Me and my girlfriend have made a list of places that we have yet to go around here and in Philadelphia. The places that we have been have all been really awesome.
  12. Wow, this is awesome to see such great results. Especially seeing as most people who hear that I work out and am a vegan think it's a joke. Am now going to follow your blog. ahaha.
  13. Pretty sure that this will not taste good but shouldn't be that hard to figure out.
  14. Okay, so I've also done more research about this. Apparently eggs/dairy have zinc+b vitamins that are pretty important to producing testosterone? Maybe the sudden switch in my diet is hitting me? Does anyone know from experience anything about this? Does it get better? I've also made an appointment with my doctor to get my levels checked.
  15. I'm guessing it's got to do with my slacking in workouts and probably eating wayy too much chinese food instead of normal meals. I'm gonna do the diary idea/read up the rest when I'm on my computer (instead of my phone). I'm also trying to get more real meals cooked at home instead of eating garbage.
  16. Hey, I know this might come off as kind of silly and I did search this up to see if there was any prior information. I became a vegan a little over a month ago and over the period of the month it's just felt like I've become more tired in general and less turned on. I'm thinking it's most likely a problem with taking two weeks off of working out for a tour and then only working out lightly about once every 3 days. I don't know if it's my diet or my drastic change in working out. Any thoughts?
  17. This post, on the most part, is extremely backed.
  18. It's not called the small wonder for nothing!
  19. Hey, figured I'd make one of my first posts here. Started as a vegetarian about two years ago after realizing that weight had gotten kinda out of hand. I wanted to cut out most greasy foods and it worked fairly well. I started wanting to learn more about things and figure out better ways to actually proactively make things better for myself. As part of a birthday present to me from my mom around last July, she signed me up for a gym, knowing I had wanted to actually get in shape but lacked resources to. After being kinda bashful at first about the thought of going into a gym, I got over it and really got in the swing of things. After starting to work out I focused on cutting back a lot more of the junk food in my life (still haven't kicked it all ) and started working towards going fully vegan since most dairy hurts my stomach anyway. After taking a couple brief whacks at going fully vegan, I've finally been going for over a week and finally getting the bearings on doing it right. This forum seems like it'd be way helpful in keeping me moving forward with it/helping develop a good diet/work out routine. Will be posting a now picture soon. Goals in my workouts are to keep losing weight around the tummy and keep working on overall fitness while developing my muscles.
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