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  1. Welcome!! Hope you'll like it here! 214lbs! Would be cool to see some pics of that ^_^
  2. Welcome! You're sure to find inspiration here! Good luck!
  3. Yeah thats what i mean aswell, a lot of these kinda exercises are great for rehabbing etc, but its not for swinging heavy weight with! ;D
  4. Welcome and goodluck with your weight training!
  5. I mean stuff like this Fastforward to 01:00I mean it may be a good warmup with very low weight, but its noot good as an "exercise" at all.
  6. Yeah you really see a lot of people that totally ignore or dont know anything about the correct form when doing different workouts. I see a lot of people doing weird stuff like rotating your arms with dumbells and stuff too, a lot of girls do that for some reason! I mean thats really not good for the rotatorcuff. In a lot of exercises (like military press for example) its also very important to keep ur abs flexed so you dont kill ur discs in the back..
  7. LA fitness too, 2 mins from my apartment. The only bad thing is that its the one on Hollywood blvd so after 5-6 PM its SUPERcrowded ;D
  8. Welcome man, i just joined here too, and yeah this is tha place for information and inpiration totally! Good luck and have fun in the gym!
  9. This is awesome man! Thanks for the inspiration! I kinda have the opposite "problem", i think i have a pretty easy time gaining muscle and maintaining it, but i feel i have a super hard time loosing my fat. I think i have kinda been "half assing" on checking exactly how much i eat everyday, but now im gonna try to really set a calorielimit and stick to it! Did you do any cardio when you cut down ur BF?
  10. Hey everybody. I just found this forum a couple of days ago and it is nothing less than awesome! I'm a 21 year old from Sweden, though i currently live in Los Angeles. I just turned vegan about 2 weeks ago, and so far everything feels great! I have only been weightlifting for about a year but it just keeps getting better and better and im getting to know my body! Before that i was into martial arts a lot, especially kung fu (Wing Tsun). Cya around the forum!
  11. First of all i wanna thank everybody that writes on this forum! I just recently joined, but woah, a WEALTH of information / inspiration, thanks! I want to ask what people think about cardio and weightlifting. I've heard that doing cardio and weightlifting after oneanother isnt a good idea if you're interested in mass gaining. But what if you just do one in the morning and one in the evening? My situation is that i want to loose maybe 10-15 pounds but i dont really feel the need to completely go into "deff mode", if i dont have too. I also have the time to work out a lot, so my question is. Would it hurt my muscle gaining to maybe do weightlifting in the morning, and then later after several meals etc, do some cardio in the evening? Maybe this is hard to have a yes or no answer too, but i would be interested in what people think! Thanks / Lexforce
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