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  1. Its great to know that accidental meat/dairy occurences happen to the best of us!!!! Tomorrow i am starting a small juice fast. Just 3 days because I have a bbq on saturday (which i will be bring my own vegan burgers to) So i just want to try it...i never went past a 1 day juice fast. I KNOW I KNOW IM PATHETIC. But im taking baby steps and doing a 3 day one. wish me luck Im firing up that vita mix If anyone has any good juice/smoothie like recipes..post them here
  2. thank you so much! I have never felt any issues with it but i also wanted to make sure. SeaSiren you look great!!! Such an inspiration
  3. I have an underactive thyroid..i am taking medicine so it is pretty much under control. But I lose weight very slow and gain it fast. In one weekend i can easily gain a few pounds if I abuse my body. I have been very careful with what I eat and everything and I need to start working out. I always worry about soy. I have heard a connection between soy and your thyroid function as well as the absorption of the thyroid hormone. any input on any of this?
  4. thanks for the info. I tried green smoothies and i want to get back into them. Sometimes they kind of mess with my stomach and I have issues but maybe my body wasnt used it. I eventually want to get back into them because I really do not eat enough veggies ESPECIALLY for a vegan. ANd i do not eat frequently enough throughout the day. SO today i went shopping for summer clothes and i always have issues with pants...shorts...capris...really anything because i have big theighs and a smaller waist. I bought a pair of shorts that ALMOST fit and I have 30 days to return them. I am going to take the next 2 weeks and work out my lower half and try them on again and see what happens. I like mini challenges like that, i work better with them than longer goals. I absolutely have to redo my plan..i dont eat right..im very scattered and i do not eat enough but i want to change this THanks so much guys
  5. okay i am about to make a generalization right now but Vegans are awesome. I love the welcome that i am getting to this forum!!! so amazing Every single vegan I have ever met have been very loving and appreciative of life. Never met a mean vegan and I never imagine meeting one. I would be very caught off guard if i did lol. Thanks for the welcome!!!!
  6. ill look into LUSH stuff...when i am more financially stable. But I am reading the book..The Secret...not sure how much I am connecting with it but it seems to make sense to me. I was PMSing friday and saturday and I was expecting everything bad to happen to me and it did. It was pretty much a horrible 2 days...all of my plans fell through and i just wanted to cry both days and that is NOT like me at all!! To top that off...i attracted bacon! Haha. I was at a grad party and I had a pasta dish that I thought was just pasta and sauce (didnt know what was in the sauce) but it was literally the only thing that wasnt meat so I had some with salad. And i find these little bits of something in the pasta....i ask my boyfriend to taste it...and he tells me its bacon with a scared look on his face haha. I just stopped eating it and tried not to freak out because by that point it was out of my control...i already ate it. Gross. And i LOVE PIGS haha. But today I am in a better mood. Me and my good friend are hitting all of the memorial day sales and I have a new positive outlook!!!! Yay i love being vegan. So i bought a vita mix when i was thinking about going raw a few months ago. And now that I am deciding to be a cooked vegan.....i hardly use it. I know its silly but what are some ways I can use it. I think i just need ideas and I will fire it up again Right now i make smoothies.
  7. Here are my before pictures on a vegetarian diet. But i was a sloppy and lazy vegetarian. I didnt educate myself on it until recently and would have mostly carbs with little protein and veggies. A lot of fruit though. My diet was clearly not balanced and i hardly worked out but i am now hungry for new lessons on the vegan lifestyle. I want to learn as much as possible. So i thought i would show my starting point and hope to progress from here. I know that I am not overweight by any means but I absolutely want to tone using a vegan diet. Any input would be appreciated...I can even handle constructive criticism as along as it is delivered with respect http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN1937.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y121/angelhun22/DSCN1938.jpg
  8. thanks!!! You are right. Its hard to put myself in their shoes because I grew up in a family that had 2 vegetarians since as far as i could remember. But I spend one day in my boyfriend's house and they never go one meal without meat...they just purchased chocolate bacon....so whenever i eat at their house I feel a mini freak-out going on on their end because it is like OMG WHAT KIND OF MEAL HAS NO MEAT HOLY CRAP. haha but yes u are so right about the omnis being conditioned that way. Bring on the challenge people
  9. so true!!! Its so silly to test beauty products on animals...I admit...when I was 3 years old I used to eat cherry chapstick but now I am a bit more mature and I know not to. I believe that if they didnt put any harmful chemicals that I am sure dry out our hair in the first place...then the testing wouldn't have to be done. Everyone gets some soap in their eyes from time to time but they do not need to repeatedly put soap in a mouse's eye in large amounts just to see what happens. Its so cruel...im happy with my natural soaps. They do the trick and im not walking around looking dirty hehe.
  10. Hey everyone...welcome to my journey. I never want to call this a diet because it is becoming a lifestyle change for me. I really want to dive into the whole animal rights movement with all I have. I feel like because of my heavy workload in college, i didnt have much time for anything else but now that I am graduated...i am ready to dive right in! I AM looking to lose weight with this lifestyle but it is not my main concern. I just want to be healthier and support companies that do not abuse animals. After doing research and learning of the companies that I approve of..shopping is a whole new experience for me. I love being picky about what i eat and only buying certain things. It makes me feel empowered. I eventually want to compete in a figure competition. I have always wanted to do this but i could never stomach all of the eggs and animal protein that was expected from a competition diet. Now that i learned of alternative protein sources, i am pumped!!!! whooo hooo!!! Right now I am 5"5' and 136 lbs...def a lot of toning to go
  11. thanks for the welcome I love this forum...so happy i found it!
  12. Hey everyone! I am a newbie at this lifestyle but have been a vegetarian since I was around 13 years old. I am 24 years old now and recently read a book about Animal Rights that truly opened my eyes. Then i spent hours and hours educating myself and watching undercover videos of life in factory farms. I cried my eyes out and I was so angry at what i saw. I knew that I did not want to support this industry and I didnt want to spend my hard earned money to help these a$$ holes stay in business. I love animals and I am a firm believer that we should not think that they are born on this earth to feed us. Unless we were all starving without any stores, i hate hearing the argument about the food chain. People raise them in farms and kill them with little effort...there is no hunt..no strategy...they are cowards and inhumane. I hear a lot of things about protein and how a vegan diet has none. I am sick of all the comments honestly and people stressing that we NEED animals to eat so that we can survive AND that we need animal protein to build muscle. I want to bash all of the comments and show people what a vegan diet can truly do. Will I involve animals in this process? YES I WILL....live animals I will jog with my dog, use my cat as a free therapist, and try to get this word across. My dream is to compete in a figure competition and i am going to do it. I really do not care about winning..but just getting on stage The Vegan Way. If you guys want to get to know me more, i have a channel on youtube where i started a video blog... http://www.youtube.com/user/dietgirly22
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