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  1. i had a big mixed veg stirfry with tofu and rice noodles, followed by and apple
  2. welcome! glad to see another horse lover!
  3. welcome! no need to be ashamed/embarrassed about crying when you see such cruelty happening, i dont watch alot of those type of videos anymore (but i have seen them) because it pains me too much to watch them (i sob like a baby). I do think though that if everyone in the world saw what went on, 90% of the world would become vegan. It pisses me off when i send someone a link and they say 'i dont want to watch it because if i do i'll become vegetarian and i dont want to because i like meat!' That REALLY winds me up! Sorry to hear you have crohn's, i heard the best thing for that was to give up meat (i am by no means a Dr. though!) Ive met a couple of people with it and unfortunately they dont look after themselves at all. Anyhoo, enough of me babbling on! take care!
  4. even though he has no arms, he still looks like he has a nice hug! at least he wouldn't ever have to worry about people hitting him!
  5. ive used pit rock, some sea salt spray and jason, but the only thing that i have found to work is a bit of BICARB OF SODA!!! works a treat
  6. i like to come on the pc or chill out in front of the tv after work to unwind. If there is nothing on then il read a book instead so around 2-3 hours
  7. he was very aggressive and i think that if i was there i would have jumped in and landed the cop one. there is just no reason for him doing that just because of jaywalking. what a twat
  8. http://www.thegardendiet.com/ storm is a raw vegan body builder 30 bananas a day is geared more to endurance training and the 80/10/10 diet there is plenty of info around to help you out. no sprouts are necessary but they do contain alot of amino acids, protein and vits, so they are good to eat. My fave are chick peas but mung and lentils are nice too.
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