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  1. It depends on what's on. Some days, there's only rubbish. Other days, there'll be three things on at the same time I want to watch. Only one programme tonight that seems to be worth watching: Inside Nature's Giants. This is where they cut open various animals that have died. Tigers and lions tonight.


    they killed one of the snakes

  2. welcome!

    no need to be ashamed/embarrassed about crying when you see such cruelty happening, i dont watch alot of those type of videos anymore (but i have seen them) because it pains me too much to watch them (i sob like a baby). I do think though that if everyone in the world saw what went on, 90% of the world would become vegan. It pisses me off when i send someone a link and they say 'i dont want to watch it because if i do i'll become vegetarian and i dont want to because i like meat!' That REALLY winds me up!


    Sorry to hear you have crohn's, i heard the best thing for that was to give up meat (i am by no means a Dr. though!) Ive met a couple of people with it and unfortunately they dont look after themselves at all.


    Anyhoo, enough of me babbling on!

    take care!

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