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  1. I really hate Magnolia and Donnie Darko, I think they are my pet hates.


    Bohemian, why would you watch Alien vs Predator if you class Alien and Predator as two of the worst films you've ever seen? Seems like a dead end really!


    I had to see it cuz of the bf...compromising and all that.


    but yeah, i should enjoy it really when they both fight each other!


    oh and star trek, star wars and all that crap too!

  2. Just some pics of my in my activities and lady muscles










  3. i was raw for about 6 months and i loved every minute of it. It makes you feel great and it really changes you on the inside too. my question is...

    why WOULDNT some one want to go raw?

    Well... why'd you give it up?


    well i was high fat for most of that time and i was doing well, loosing weight, even though i was consuming alot of calories, no cravings and all the rest of it and then i tried the 811 (low fat high fruit) method and it just went wrong so i just went back to eating cooked because thats what i started craving. Im not good with will power you see. i am not around 75% raw, some days all raw.

  4. One of my friends texted me:


    You free in June/July?? I hope you are!!! You'll never believe it but I've just won an all expenses paid trip for me & 3 mates to the World Cup Finals in South Africa from Fox Sports!! It's an all inclusive trip for 4 weeks with $5000 spending money! Flights leave 10th June so if you're free could you put my bins out for me?


    Must admit I cried a little first..... and then laughed hard



    thats just cruel!!

  5. Every type 1 diabetic i have come across say that they have put on weight that they struggle to get off since they started injecting.


    Since i still struggle with my diabetes i know i am not giving myself the best chance at keeping the weight off but i could use a bit of inspiration.


    Does anyone here have type 1 diabetes, and if so, you do you manage it?

    did you think it has been harder to get where you are now because of it?



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