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  1. The master cleanse is a cleanse, not recommended for longer than 14 days. The syrup is for energy and calories, the lemon is to help get rid of mucus and so is the cayenne. It is not a fad/crash diet, it is a cleanse to rid toxins..its a detox He could try water fasting for 3-7 days, juice fasting or dry fasting (FOR 1 DAY ONLY)
  2. thank you I forgot to include my 'stats' im female, 20yo, 5'6 and 130lb (give or take a few!)
  3. fear and loathing in las vegas --RIP Hunter S.Thompson Today Im Alice
  4. thank you for your replies i (she!) did not have a problem eating that amount of coconut. People also said to me with the amount of dates i was eating that i should be on the loo all the time (i wasnt!!) Next week i will try and do a food plan and stick to it so i can log the amount of calories im eating. I tried to figure how many cals i am meant to eat on some food thing and it said 2300 but i had trouble eating that amount. Do you think i should try and eat that amount or do you think i should eat about 1800? Im 20, 5'6 and around 9 stone.
  5. Im sorry if this has been asked before but it is a subject that really confuses me. Am i meant to eat MORE calories or LESS calories to lose fat? I can never work this one out as when i try both i still dont lose weight. The only time ive lost weight is when i was high fat raw. So i was eating like 3-4 avocados a day and around 2-3 coconuts a week and i lose 11lb in 20 days.
  6. Just some videos that really inspire me. hope you enjoy them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvnkaAWfZYI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdCdVs5cXNE sorry, i dont know how to get them onto vids on here
  7. i used to do spinning once a week and i would so look forward to it even though it was pure torture! It really gave me muscles and it is amazing how quickly your body adapts to this training. I found after 3-4 classes i could keep up with the others.
  8. Hi there, Ive been spying on the forum for a while but i think it is time for me to participate! I have been vegan for a couple of years, and i have been 100% raw vegan for around 6 months but i am back to eating a few cooked vegan foods at the mo, but in the process of becoming at least 80% raw again as raw feels the best to me. As far as training goes, currently i use a home gym for weight training, i some times cycle to work (16m round trip) and i work as a groom so im always on my feet and which also includes horse riding. I used to work out at the gym but cannot afford it on my wage but i used to love boxing, Ju jitsu, treadmill, spinning and body balance. I also tried parkour which i loved, i just never had the time to train. I love all sports and will have a go at anything, and if i didnt need to work, thats all id be doing! I have good muscle tone all over but my main aim is to reduce fat (so you can actually see the muscle!) and then build up my upper body a bit, so any suggestions are welcome! Thanks for reading!
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