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  1. Hey guys, I was taking jarrows creatine mix, but I am looking for other options with making gains. But I can't find any other brands that say it is vegan safe. Does anyone have a favorite?
  2. I was watching your squat video, I have a question, cause I had thought your knees are not suppost to go past your toes? It looked like yours were. I have been doing a wider stance when doing mine because of that. Am I doing them wrong? I have to say chewy your success is motivating. I think I strained some muscles on my ribs when doing squats last time. And I have stalled at 130lbs (body weight) for about 2 or 3 weeks know. Bummer. But I look at your log and it helps to motivate me. So thanks dude!
  3. Well a workout that finally felt good after injuries healed up. Went up on my squats 140lbs- overhead press still stalling out at 65lbs-Deadlifts went up to 145lbs, And Chewy you would be proud I only did one set. Pull ups still suck for me only did 5 on the first set, 2 on the second set and 4 negatives on the last set. its pitiful Extra stuff after all that Barbell pull ups 45lbs 3x8, Lat Rows 100lbs 3x6 and Neck bridges (Bruce Lee style)
  4. Damn! Your upper body is ripped. I am a super skinny guy, on my 8th week on stronglift 5x5, gained 12lbs. where did you start off? do you follow a routine to get that great V look? Angryvegan
  5. Chewy, I am a bit all over the place , with first my back, then my chest injury. So with that said I will try to give you as much info. Maybe you can see something I am doing wrong that I cant see.This next week will be the first week in a while back on the upper body stuff on the 5x5. I have been going up everytime on some but have stalled out or leveled off on things like rows or pullups. Squats- I have been going up every time until I hit 125lbs,I stayed there for a week, then went to where I am currently 130Ibs have been there for the last 2 workouts. Deadlifts-I have been going up every time at 140lbs now and started doing 2 sets cause I really didnt feel it with the one set. Bench press- gone up every time. at 90lbs. Added incline a few weeks ago 60lbs 5x5. I added that because my chest is flat as could be on the top and center with the bottom of my pecs getting thicker and thicker. Inverted rows- I seem to be leveled out. for weeks I have been about 12,9,8 reps. I cant seem to get much passed that. Should I add weight? Chin ups- I am weak on these- I can only do like 5,4,3 and that doesnt seem to increase. pull ups- weak also 8,5,3 And after that I dont even feel my lats are worked. So I have add bent over rows, or seated rows. 3 sets. Overhead press- I have stalled out on a few weeks ago and I am at 60lbs. Again after doing these I dont really feel like my shoulder have been worked even though it feels heavy and I can barely finish all sets. Traps- I have started to work on cause I hate how flat mine are. Shoulder shrugs and close grip barbell pull ups. Dips and push ups- I started super setting these two. I am currently at push ups 12, 10, 9 and dips 10,7,7 I like doing these I actually feel my arms being worked on this but I have leveled out on these the last few weeks. I started adding more exercises cause, I feel like the parts, like my legs arms and lower chest are getting bigger. But my upper chest lats shoulders and traps are not really growing. So I am getting frustrated. I am at 130lbs eating about 3200 cals a day which is good because 2 and half months ago I was 118 and eating like 1500 cals. I have also added running to get rid of my belly. If you have any thoughts please let me know, thanks! If you have any thoughts please let me know. Thanks
  6. Worked out today, added a few extra shoulder stuff and things for my traps. My traps are well non-existent a 90 degree angle. Squated my weight again and deadlifts were 140lbs 2 sets of 5.
  7. I got good news and bad news! Good news is my back is better, back on squats I am currently squating my weight 130lbs. Which is great but feeling really heavy. And More good news is I am 130lbs, thats about 12lbs gained in 2 months. Bad news a few weeks ago I hurt my chest, I wasn't sure what did it, but I talked to my nurse ( I have a heart problem, so I wanted to make sure it wasnt that) and she was thinking it was a strain on my cartilage in my chest. It is on my left side only, so I have laid off alot of upperbody. Its slowly felling better but I feel way of I need a solid workout program to feel like I am doing something in the gym. So I hope this gets better soon.
  8. the workout kinda sucked today, mostly cause of my low back injury/soreness. I had a massage last nite the therapist thought it was an intercostal tear around my ribs. I couldnt finish my squats because of it tonight. I did a little extra seated leg presses to make up for my sqauts. I am not sure what to do though when I have to do deadlifts. Do people us those belts? Should I get one?
  9. Thanks chewy for the tips. Its good to hear, about stalling out on the shoulders. I will the negative pull ups. As for my lower back. I am heating it and iceing it. It was odd though it felt strained while working out today but right after it felt ok but after a few hours it started to hurt again. So we will see. I would like to mix my rice protein with another protein powder. I was thinking of pea, Has anyone had good luck with it? I dont do soy, it does a number on my digestion. I tried vega brand before and man that stuff is gross. I just want to make sure I am getting complete protein with all EAA.
  10. Started week 4 of stronglifts. I think I have an injury. Last week doing some deadlifts or squats. back feels strained or something. I worked out even though it was painful. I am successful with the gains but stopped going up on weights when it comes to the overhead press. I think my shoulders are weak. Also the pull ups still suck, I feel like I am not giving my lats a workout. I have though gained some weight. I am at 126lbs. Never, I mean never weighed that much before.
  11. I have seen lots of postings about EEA's so can someone tell me a brand or what form is best?
  12. Week two!! I am starting to feel the weight on the squats, man my legs are weak. But I did change it up a bit, on the advice of chewy, from another post. I could do 15 push ups on the first set. So I did a circuit of dips and push ups, man that was tough my arms felt like they were going to explode, Love that feeling. I am tempted to raise my bench a little more than the 5x5 says but got to think on that one.
  13. Good to see yet another SL I am in my second week. My stats starting out are similar. What for or brand do you use for EAA's? How many cals are you taking in? Angryvegan
  14. I just finished starting my second week of the 5x5. It felt good, I gained just over a pound, which I know is not anything but, I am a hardgainer and I weighed myself on an empty stomach. I dont think I have sadly ever been over 120lbs, but I am now. I started adding some grip and forearm work to it also. I would really like to figure out how to make my traps grow. I have none I mean none at all. Anyone has any tips let me now. Angryvegan
  15. I finished a weeks worth of workouts (3). It felt good.But I am a little unsure about the adding the 5lbs every workout, it seems unreal to do that but I am hoping someone can clear that up. I think I did well with the eating all week, but yesterday was bad. I want to gain weight. I am 5'7 and 120lbs, Not sure how much to expect to gain per week though. And I am sort of at a loss about what to eat sometimes. does any one have examples of what they have eaten day to day to gain weight?
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