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  1. Yeah, I've been horsing around with mixes, but honestly I'm not too educated on supplements. Is a weight gainer nothing more than protein and a carb source, or are there other additions to consider? I can't seem to build a mix that has nearly he calories of supplements like CytoGainer, but I shouldn't expect that since it's whey-based. I would've posted this on TP forums but I've been waiting for them to 'activate' my account for probably a month so I can't post yet.
  2. What sort of ingredients would be a solid mix for a weightgainer ordered through True Protein? I've never had experience with a weight gainer outside of CytoGainer, which was before I was vegan. I need to get more calories in my diet with my protein shakes, and it doesn't seem I'm able to spend enough time cooking and eating with my busy schedule. I need a hefty amount of calories but without sacrificing too much protein in the mix.
  3. I found an old tub of whey-based weight gainer that I had from my previous stint in bodybuilding recently, and I've been making shakes with it even though it's 1.5 years past it's expiration date, and there's been no problems. It's whey-based, but I can't let it go to waste!
  4. Those are only anime I've watched or rewatched recently, so Gundam Wing isn't on there. I've seen most of the Gundam series though.
  5. It varies from time to time. I'm going to revamp a meal plan and count out the protein/calories before my next grocery trip. I make enough soup or stir fry to last about 3 days. I would make more, preferably a week's worth, but I don't have a pan/pot large enough.
  6. I'm a huge anime dork. Here's my MAL, a list of anime I've watched or rewatched in the past year or so. http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Higosha Neon Genesis Evangelion is the great anime/show/movie I've ever seen. I used to collect NGE paraphernalia. I just started Tsukuyomi Moon Phase last night. It's a bit average in the first few episodes, but the story isn't too involved yet.
  7. I bought about a pound of quinoa (it's super light so that's a decent amount!), but I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm not fond of too many ingredients in recipes, so I want something simple. How about some quinoa cooked with some onion and zucchini? Do I need to cook it in vegetable broth or use spices for flavor, or would that be tasty enough maybe with some pepper? I'm a bland sorta fella normally.
  8. Our local farmer's market is only open during the summer for some reason. I usually get most fruits, veggies, and common foods from Wal-Mart since it's the cheapest although not organic, and then go to Earth Fare (like Whole Foods) for bulk oats, nuts, rice, etc. How am I spending so much money? I dropped almost 100 dollars while shopping last time, and that was only a week's worth of food, with some things that last a bit longer.
  9. I've been eating a vegan diet for a bit more than a couple of weeks, and it's really so much more expensive than I imagined! I haven't even been sticking to my calories/protein requirements, just eating regularly throughout the day, but I need to be eating even more, which will cost more money. I'm in college and barely make any money through my part-time job, so I really don't have more money to invest in my daily diet. I make a batch of lentil/veggie soup and tofu/veggie stir fry every few days, and eat that for most meals, with some meals being fruit with oats and soy milk, or peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I eat bag salads with the soup and stir fry usually. I only have around 200 dollars to spend on food every month, not including supplements, which I've not started yet. I must be doing something wrong, eating oats and rice should be cheap.
  10. Here is a book my father wrote awhile back while teaching at NCCU, for anybody interested: http://www.amazon.com/Resistance-Training-Approach-Lewis-Bowling/dp/1594602204
  11. Hi, I'm Damien and I'm a recently recruited vegan, previously vegetarian for years. I have a father who had a short career in bodybuilding and has made a career teaching physical education in university, and a mother who's been off/on vegetarian and involved with animal rescue since I was a child. I'm skinny (5'10", 175lbs), have no muscle definition, and can barely manage a set of twenty pushups. I want to gain size and strength, with no particular goals other than looking and feeling better. I used to train regularly with Starting Strength program and made decent gains, but I made a lifestyle change and decided to spend time studying eastern religion instead of typical teenage pursuits, and I've been vegetarian since (three years!). I'm currently on a cardio/bodyweight routine, but I'm going to college that provides a free gym for students, and when I feel comfortable I'll begin a 5x5 freeweight program. I'm a bit self-conscious and don't want to walk into a gym looking like a sapling, but I will get over it eventually. I'm concentrating on a proper diet plan at the moment, and will progress routines when I'm comfortable with daily nutrition.
  12. I woke without an appetite, scarfed down some almonds and OJ instead of breakfast, and decided to take a high-speed bike trip downtown. I was fine until the trek back (which is mostly uphill), when I had to stop to puke, and push for awhile because I felt queasy and drained of strength. I was supposed to begin my routine when I got back home too, but now I'm going to have to wait 'til tonight. Lesson learned... always refuel before starting the day.
  13. It looks like sweeteners are automatically added even if you don't specify one. I'm going to order a batch of vanilla and chocolate pea/rice protein, maybe with Splenda for a sweetener. If I do want carbs, how much % of the blend should it be?
  14. What's the advantages of a Pea/Rice blend over soy? What's the difference between Premium and Natural Premium flavors? I would like plain ol' chocolate and vanilla, neither of which is offered in premium flavors. I'm probably going to order a large batch soon, in each flavor. I want to be sure to get the right mix. Should I add any carbs? Which is best? Should I add any sweeteners? Which is best? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions.
  15. Would you suggest these two for a great taste at cheap price, or the soy isolate? All are around the same price, protein content. Also, what suggested sweeteners could be needed, or is that unnecessary? I'm going to use vanilla and chocolate flavors, most likely with fruits and soy milk/water. These blends are incredibly cheap compared to factory packaged supplements, thanks for showing me.
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