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  1. Even ter info: zonet bericht gekregen dat iemand een nederlandstalig veggie/vegan-bodybuildingforum oprichtte. En we kunnen best nog wat leden gebruiken! Dus: roep de troepen op en join! http://www.vleeslozebodybuilding.com/ greetings rom
  2. need just a few more. Keep it coming, my friends!!
  3. Radi curl it will be Got already so many great ideas on this and other forums. Sounds like a good idea: if you give me an exercise that isn't on my list yet (and it doesn't have a name yet), I will name it to you Keep the flow going!!
  4. VeganEssentials: great great great!!! Duncan: ok, thx, mate! May I call it 'the Duncan curl'?
  5. Duncan, if I understand it correctly, it's like a dumbbell-curl when standing with your back against the wall, but now seated, and slightly 'inclining wall'. Or is it something else?
  6. got them both already. Thanks anyway. Keep it coming!
  7. Anyone tried the up side down pull-up before? How hard are those? jungleinthefrunk: got a pic or youtube of this? (not sure which exercise you are referring too). And it is a project in fase zero.. When I reach fase 10, you will hear more about it . (don't expect too much) VeganEssentials: can't enlarge it neither, damn damn.. Someone bigger picture?
  8. Hey all, working on a new project and looking for all kinds of exercises where biceps are the primary or secondary target, ranging from pull-ups to isolates, well-know to ultra-exotic/funny, with dumbbells/barbells/resistance bands... everything you can imagine.. I collected already a list of 70+ exercises, but need a few more. Shoot shoot shoot!!! Big thanks
  9. Hey, sorry for extreme late reply... Yeah, saw that shoot! It looks nice, but.... I was rather looking for pics on which you could "imagine the animals away" (like: the biceps curl-pic would look the same when the animal is not on the pic), not the kind of pics where you say 'I am flexing my muscles, and by the way: this is my friend, the dog'... if you understand what I mean...
  10. Hey there, got this funny idea of making a photoshoot of myself flexing and training 'surrounded by animals'. Imagine: - doing a heavy benchpress, with your dog sitting next to you and wathcing you with that 'what are you doing?'-look - biceps barbell curl, with a small kitten balancing on the barbell - squatting with a snake curling around your neck... etc etc Anyone saw pics like this?
  11. Yeah, little problem on the site that sometimes occurs. It means that dr Lerooy 'is not known in the system'. Normally, if you try back after some minutes, it will work again... or you go to: www.mijndroomdokter.be , 'stemmen', 'zoek een dokter' (down-centre of screen) and search for 'Lerooy'
  12. Robert already voted, now it's up to you . Hey there, I am Gunther, 33y old bodybuilding veggie GP, and participating in a 'who is my McDreamy-doctor'-contest . So, the price is not too important (2500 euro for teambuilding activity for our medical team), but... If I win, more people will see the message that I am trying to pass: "For a healthier life: do more sport and eat less meat! In other words: 30mins of sport and a broccoli a day, keeps the doctor away! " http://www.mijndroomdokter.be/DrGuntherLerooy (you have to click on 'stem op deze droomdokter' ) It only takes 3 seconds to vote!! Feel free to share the message! Huge thanks
  13. Hey Robert, really appreciate it! But since it will be in bookstores soon here, I will wait just a bit longer. I guess yuou got other things on your mind Big thanks!
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