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  1. Cool - thanks for all the great ideas - I may try the protein shake for dinner - I usually don't eat much dinner and I work out at night so that sounds like a perfect 'dish' . . . I never really tried whey protein before I was vegan - I think I may have done slim fast as a teenager or something - that is probably whey - I'm just basing the nasty taste concept on the general principle that food products should be edible Thanks again!
  2. Hi! I'm new here and I'm not a real serious bodybuilder or anything - but I do workout everyday and like to keep a nice lean look . . . This may be more appropriate to the recipes forum - I'm not sure I know for a fact that I don't eat enough protein, so I've tried using vegan protein powders - and more power to you guys that say they taste good - but the only one I can drink in any way but shooting it and making faces is Vega, which is not cheap, and still has a certain freshly mowed lawn taste . . . Do you guys have any suggestions for ways to hide the taste of this stuff? I can really tell a difference when I use a protein powder, but I just can't get past the taste . . . Thanks!
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