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  1. It is almost impossible for anyone to go through the bulking phase without gaining some fat. However, fat gains can be minimized if you gradually increase your caloric intake. As you mentioned that you will eating mostly whole foods so chances are very high that you fat gain will be minimal.
  2. I completely agree with boardn10 that dumbbells are much more effective and safe as compared to barbell. The main reason is that dumbbells allow your joints to move freely and naturally and thus decreasing the chances of injuries.
  3. Well, the smoothie / natural supplement suggested by Baby Hercules definitely seems effective. Moreover, you might need to increase your water intake to stop this dizziness.
  4. You might be over training your abs at this point as the other members also suggested. Moreover, you might need to lose a little more body fat to see those well defined abs.
  5. Wow! that is impressive. You are bulking up very nicely and it seems that you have not gained too much fat either. Keep up the good work.
  6. Muscle soreness is natural if you have just started lifting free weights. You really need to check if it is only muscle soreness or some pain in the joints as well. If the later is also true than maybe you need to focus more on proper form.
  7. I believe that the answer to your question really depends on your goal at this point. As we all know that heavy lifting is useful for bulking up but if you are just lifting weights for maintenance than even isolation and light moves will do the job for you. Our bones do deteriorate over time so I guess that it would be wise to ease up on poundage after the age of 40.
  8. Looking good and strong bro. Just keep up the good work
  9. 4 exercises come to my mind that can pretty much train your whole body. Those exercises are: chin ups (for back and biceps), push ups (for chest, shoulders and triceps), situps (for abs) and hindu squats (for legs).
  10. You are lifting pretty impressive weight especially at this age. Just keep up the good work and you will keep getting stronger.
  11. Bench press pretty much trains your whole chest but it is always nice to through in a few sets of some incline movements as well just to make sure that you get full development.
  12. Looking strong and ripped bro, just keep up the good work.
  13. Hi, those are very nice pics, just keep up the good work.
  14. As HawaiiDolphin said that it all depends on the diet you are taking and the level of physical activity you do on daily basis. Obviously you will not be able to lose all that weight in just few days but as a rule of thumb, eat 500 less calories/day than what you need to maintain your weight. Roughly speaking, you need about 2500 calories to maintain your weight and decreasing your caloric intake to 2000 calories a day will be a good step forward.
  15. Does not seem like a bad idea to me because it will add more flavor to your workouts and will also make you lose that unnecessary fat. The key is to keep your caloric intake high and only go for unprocessed food sources.
  16. Doing aerobics only once in a week is not going to hurt your gains at all. However, including a light aerobic activity in your routine will also help you in keeping the unnecessary body fat away.
  17. The ideal body fat percentage in order to see abs if when relaxed is about 6%. You might be right on the point that your abs might not have been developed enough at the moment to be visible when relaxed.
  18. The best time to do cardio is either first thing in the morning or right after a weight training workout because our body runs low on carbs at these times and it has no where to go but to burn the body fat for energy.
  19. Based on your goals, it is not at all a good idea to workout twice a day. Muscles need some time to recover after a high intensity workout in order to grow and don't try to follow the routines of professionals because there are a lot of aspects of their game plan (e.g steroids) that we don't want to follow. For maximum muscle gains, train every body part just once in a week.
  20. It seems that your recovery process is a little slow based on what you wrote in the post. There can be many reasons for that but try increasing your diet intake a bit and see if that makes some difference and also it depends on the intensity of your workouts as well.
  21. Hi VelvetVoices, since you have just started lifting weights, so it is ok if one arm is weaker than the other. BTW it is better that you are using dumbbells instead of barbell because it allows you to concentrate equally on both arms. The key is to be consistent with your routine and you will see that after a month or two your weak arm will catch up.
  22. Hi Pilgrim, You are definitely on the skinny side at the moment but it seems that you have a good frame to work with. Just keep eating healthy and wish you all the best with your progress.
  23. Hi chilove, The best body weight exercises for your shoulders and upper back would be push ups(as they target three main muscle groups i.e: chest, triceps and shoulders) and pull ups (for back). It is good to know that you will be joining a gym soon because it gives your a lot more options for targeting that area.
  24. Hi Guys, I found this forum the other day when I was surfing the web and I really found it interesting and informative at the same time. I am looking forward to learn more from this forum about living healthy and also share whatever little bit of knowledge I have. BTW my goal at the moment is to lose some weight (maybe around 8 to 10lbs) during this summer and than start clean bulking in winter to add some quality muscles to my frame. I hope this forum will be a nice experience for me. Cheers!
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