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  1. 7-26-13 5 miles long slow distance at 1hr 4 minutes. Stopped and walked it out 2 times for a combined total of 5 minutes when my heart rate got too high on hills and my lower limbs tightened up a bit. Was very difficult to keep my pace slow and not just floor it, but I managed OK. I'm reaching the capacity of my barefoot shoes and will end up with a minimalist shoe like the Kinvara soon. I'm back in the game now that I feel my batteries are recharged. I got my contract terminated so I am now looking for a new place to live, but I will still keep the training up the best I can!
  2. 7-14-13 25 min run 3x10 chinups (slow) 3x8 body weight rows (slow) 7-19-13 45 min run 7-22-13 30 min run 10 min swimming pool stretches I was supposed to get back into lifting today but I do not feel like my batteries are totally recharged. I busted my ass in Seattle with little sleep. So I will probably begin lifting again Thursday. I also need this time to truncate my routine as I am re-gearing my efforts a bit more in the direction of running/walking for a big goal/project I have coming up in a month or two. I am thinking of about 30-45 min sessions vs 1hr to 1hr 15 minutes. What do you guys think?
  3. 7-11-13 Part II 30 minutes Chest flyes 2x50 x10x10x10 DB Push Press 2x50 x10x10x10 DB kickbacks 20 x12x12 The gym here at the hotel is kinda small and doesn't have a terrific amount of of weights, max is 50s, but I was happy to toss around some iron and finish my workout. On Saturday I will do some chinups, body weight rows, and take a jog, then rest for a while. Hot tub soon. :3
  4. 7-11-13 42 minutes DB Chest Press 186x3 168.5x8 153.5x10 Dips 93x3 67.5x8 5.5x10 27.5x13 > Hold/70/55/Hold DB Push Press 126H/113.5H/103.5 X Skipped Chest Fly 64.25 x Skipped I was supposed to help dig a 4ft trench because of a water leak so I truncated my routine, but they canceled last minute. The hotel I am staying at tonight has a little gym with free weights so I will do flyes and shoulder presses there tonight. The gym at the campus I am volunteering at in Seattle got back to me and it's nearly 9 bucks for a day use, for 1h it isn't worth it so I will try and find a playground to do some body weight stuff on or skip and rest.
  5. Thanks buddy. At those weights it's pretty damn excruciating; I usually end up crawling around on the floor after my 10s trying to find somewhere to sit. 7-10-13 Chores and getting things ready for Seattle today. I won't be able to lift tomorrow morning as I have to help dig a 4ft trench. The hotel I am staying at has a gym so I should be able to get a workout in tomorrow night though. Going for Vegan pizza with mom and friend too. Woo.
  6. 6-9-13 1hr 8 min 1 leg squats 173.5x4 163.5x7 153.5x10 > 178.5/Hold/Hold Weighted pullups 85x4 65x7 52.5x10 25x10 > 87.5/67.5/55/27.5 Lunges 189 Skipped Calf raises 198.5 x15x15 > X Side raises 69.25 x9x8 > X I am trashed. I am starting to get over trained and haven't been sleeping well at night. I am going to Seattle Thursday the 11th for 10 days returning on Sunday the 21st and will be resuming my training that following Tuesday; and might not get to finish this circuit (Back day this Saturday) So I may begin my rest period after my chest day on the Thursday 11th before I leave and rest for a solid 11 days. I'm not going to make a big deal of it if I can't get access to the University of Washington's gym for 1 day. Rest is just as important as training. Really need a rest though.
  7. 7-7-13 Fasted manual labor, rest. 7-8-13 3.1 mile night time fed run, 28 minutes. I really hauled ass.
  8. 7-6-13 55min Chinups 93x4 67.5x7 55x10 35x14 > 95.5/70/55/35 DB rows 145.5x4 130.5x7 118x10 > Hold/133/120.5 DB shrugs 198.5 x10x10 > X Bicep curls 51.75 x8x8 > Hold Two days of rest ahead. Weewoo.
  9. 7-3-13 3.1 mile run, 30 minutes 7-4-13 1hr 15 min DB chest press 183.5x4 168.5x7 153.5x11 > 186/17156 Dips 93x4 67.5x7 52.5x10 27.5 x14 H/70/H/30 DB push press 128.5x4 113.5x7 103.5x10 131/H/H DB chest flyes 64.25x9x6 > Hold
  10. 7-2-13 1hr 10 min 1 leg squats 168.5x4 158.5x7 149.5x10 > 173.5/163.5/153.5 Pullups 83x4 62.5x7 50x10 25x10 > 85.5/65/52.5/25 Lunges 189x8 > Hold Calf raises 198.5 x15x14 > X (Lost my grip last rep) Shoulder side raises 2x69.25 x10x9 > Hold Leg days are brutal. It's such a horrible feeling pushing your legs, the foundation your body rests on, to their absolute breaking point and then dragging yourself across the floor like a pathetic worm to a chair to sit in and rest. But because legs are so vital I give them absolutely everything.
  11. 7-1-13 Resting some more today. I will work for a few hours fasted. Does anyone else enjoy meditation? Meditation for me is a vital part of my mind body connection for health and clamness. I rarely do sitting meditation but often do walking meditation; I can even zone out while I am working in the park believe it or not. I think there is a lot of misinformation on meditation and there are many forms and methods to tune your mind and soul. For me being fasted is an integral part of not only my physical health, but also meditating. I will only eat 6-8 hours out of any given 24 hr period. It helps very much.
  12. 6-30-13 1.5hrs fasted manual labor, 3.5 fed. I'm not going to jog today, too fricken hot and working today in the heat for 4 hrs destroyed me.
  13. 6-29-13 55 minutes Chinups +90.5x4 65x7 52.5x9 27.5x15 > 93/67.5/55/30 1 Arm DB rows 143x4 128x7 115x11 > Hold/130.5/118 DB Shrugs 198.5 x10x10 > X Bicep curls 51.75 x8x8 > Hold I'm not struggling at all with chins and certainly not slowing down with the weight I am adding. It's amazing. I'm even letting my body drop to nearly a dead hang before I pull upward.
  14. Haha, funny stuff man, multiply by 2.2! I saw your pics in the other thread, you've got a killer physique bro. Not much planned for the weekend. I am going to weightlift in just a few (skipping deads still cause of my lower back) I am supposed to run tomorrow but it's gonna be hot early in the AM (85+) so I will probably end up running tomorrow night when it gets cooler before the sun goes down at 8:03, in a fed state. I am not sure though because the coyotes here are fucking ballsy lately and I don't wanna get eaten. We'll see how cool it is tomorrow night at 7 PM cause I begin fasting at 6/6:30 now. Other than that, just trying to stay cool. Haha.
  15. 6-28-13 Rest today. It's hot. Screw this, I'm going to take a cold shower.
  16. 6-26-13 3.1 mi run, time? Forgot to update yesterday. 6-27-13 1hr 5 min DB chest press 183.5x3 168.5x6 153.5x9 > Hold Dips 90.5x4 65x7 50x10 25x15 > 93/67.5/52.5/27.5 DB push press 121x5 111x8 101x10 > 126/111/101 Chest flyes 2x65.5 66.75x7x6 > Drop 2x64.25 My new step stool and collars worked amazingly. Very hot today, but it sapped some of my strength.
  17. Yeah, I have cut nearly all unilateral movements from my regime save for 1 arm DB rows, split squats, and 1 arm bicep curls (I actually prefer EZ bar curls but have yet to buy an EZ bar).. I just got some new equipment. A matching folding step stool to do DB floor chest presses on, and 4 spring collars. The collars weigh about 2 1/2 lbs combined so I'm going to use them for security on heavily loaded DB(s) and to close the gap on moving between weights on chest and shoulder movements (which I tend to stick on) So I am on 181lbs for DB chest press since my roll back, and instead of going to 186 I can go to 183.5 and close that gap a bit to facilitate more incremental muscle growth as I get closer to my ceiling. Pretty excited. I suspect my DBs with their original collars actually weigh closer to 15lbs vs 13lbs but I need a proper scale to test. If you've ever wondered why all my increments on DBs are weird intervals like 151/156 or 153/155.5 for single loaded DBs that is why, they weigh 13lbs a piece and I use 2.5 weights to increment or 5lbs for two DBs. It's gonna get even weirder now with these extra collars which weigh 2.5lbs; you'll be seeing shit like 183.5 and 188.5. lol.
  18. 6-25-13 1hr 10 min 1 leg DB squats 161x4 151x7 141x10 > 166/156/146 Pullups 80x4 60x7 47.5x10 22.5x15 > 82.5/62.5/50/25 1 leg DB lunges 181 x8 > 186 DB shoulder side raises 2x65.5x10x10 > 2x68 Calf raises 196 x15x15 > X Nearly passed out on my last set of split squats. I was seeing stars; i then proceeded to crawl, not walk, yes crawl on my hands and knees, across the room to my chair to rest. lol. Oh sorry for not updating yesterday. I just worked and rested.
  19. Holy crap, you look great! Keep on keeping on brother!
  20. You are a machine. Also; we have the same average speed. =P
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