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  1. I don't have sources other than my nutrition classes My teachers don't give their sources during lessons.
  2. Never use a slow cooker to cook beans ! Some harmful products found in uncooked beans may hurt your health. However they are destroyed by high temperatures... Higher than the temperatures used in a slow cooker. Boiling still seems the best solution. For the gaz problem, yes you can soak them. The flatulence problem about beans is because beans contains some indigestible sugars who are digested only by the flora in your colon. Which produce gaz (a lot of it) Thoses products are water-soluble, so if you soak 12 to 36 h you'll get rid of the problem. Change water if you can during the soaking, since it will extract the sugars better.
  3. spirulina seems overrated... I don't know how much it costs in america, but here it's so damn expensive it can't be a good protein source. Also, you still have to take your B12 supplement, so it's not a great deal for nutrition... However I'm very interested by the 80/10/10 diet, I think I may follow it on certain days... I don't think it's suitable for me in the long term but a few days in a month or a few weeks in a year seems a good idea. 'll probably buy the book.
  4. I bought this great book, "becoming raw: the guide for vegan raw diets" - I highly recommend it. However, I don't think you can have an high-protein intake ratio on a raw diet. So you have to eat a lot. Anyway, since you are interested in raw food diets, you need to read this book to have full knowleadge of what you are doing.
  5. Oranges are not a great example of good vitamin C intake. A cup of broccolli contains the same amount than a cup of orange but with so much less calories.
  6. I weight lea little more than you (180) and I need 2000 kcal a day to stay in bed all day, 3000 for a normal day and 3500 for a normal day with training. Besides, the "China Study" tends to suggest than you can eat more calories when you are vegan. This haven't been proved but it still good to know. My guess is we have an higher metabolism and maybe because of the enzyme inhibitors in plants. Don't really know. Anyway, you probably have a scale, so you can track your weight and see by yourself
  7. Some studies shows that organic products are more concentrated in good phytochemicals. Indeed, plants "creates" thoses phytochemicals as a reaction against an hostile environment (bugs ect). Conventional products with pesticides does not provide an hostile environment. other than that, arguments for organic products are mostly political, like pesticides being harmful for the environment. And MAYBE for the consumer, we don't know much...
  8. @Beforewisdom That was part of my nutrition classes, currently doing a master degree in food science. I don't know a lot more about it - Excepted that people often quoted Pasteur who said that wine is the healthiest drink known to man - that guy was a genious and we owe him much, but as a lot of scientist he could be plain wrong. I heard somewhere that 1:4 to 1:3 of all milk produced in the USA was drank in milk-shakes. But this apart, it is really impressive how milk is used almost everywhere in the industry. Protein powder is a great stabilizer, for example. Lactose is used in pharmaceutical industry. You can also extract lactoserum, milk fat, ect ect. Overall, the milk industry is the most developped technology in the food industry.
  9. A century ago, in France, we used to produce too much wine. The governement didn't knew what to do with all this wine. So they advertised everywhere: "Science proves that you need to drink three liters of wine per day to stay healthy" True story. I guess history DOES repeat itself.
  10. Here around the mediterrannean sea we add olive oil to almost anything, since it is so delicious. When I'm lazy I just take a bowl of green lentils, add olive oil, salt and just a bit of pepper and it is done. Olive oil is great with almost any vegetables or legumes, I think it's actually the only oil who can be considered as a sauce by itself. You can also make a special sauce, like the sauce pesto (can be made vegan, just remove the cheese it's still good) or the aioli (it's some kind of mayonnaise, of course you can substitute the eggs like for a vegenaise) The pesto is great with pasta and aioli is great with anything solid (Boiled potatoes ?) I don't know if americans can find high-quality olive oils. Some of them are so good you eat your food only for the oil
  11. Welcome Your myspace is very impressive !!
  12. I'm from southern France =) I think the first thing I'll do after I finish my master degree next summer is spend a few months at tel-aviv ! I miss this place dammit !
  13. don't forget avocado ! good omegas 3 Also, legumes would be a good deal for proteins/carbs and calories overall. I see mostly fats here. For bigger caloric intake, eat your legumes with olive oil (good stuff, good ratio) Also, as a guy currently cutting, I'm currently salivating big time reading your diet.
  14. Chalom Roee I went to Israel quite a few times (I can even speak Hebrew... not much but a bit) I like this country, and many persons in my family live there. Nice to meet you ! Good luck for the army, must be though
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