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  1. Your butt can get a LOT curvier with exercise. The exercises that help the most are: LUNGES with WEIGHTS do not do this exercise without weights or your butt will only get SMALLER. If you do variations to the side it will work different parts of your butt.. Next exercise is on the floor and you put a weight on your belly not too much weight and you push your hips forward as far as you can go with your feet as close to your butt as much as possible for as many times as possible.. FEEL the BURN.. And good luck it really does work.. You don't have to live with a flat Butt.. squats help your legs get bigger and if you have a flat butt it will only look smaller....
  2. Ok Ok Ok.. This sounds crazy.. The most I ever did was about 45.. In the past. and then I never went back until I went for another 45 days.. and never went back again.. Now I want to stick with it as I have been pretty consistent now.. SOOO... 100 days of Bikram Yoga and hopefully I wont fall off the wagon.... Will post progress pics.. Wish me luck!! and thank you guys for all your encouragement!! and NO FISH>>>>
  3. I wish I could boycott all restaurants not vegan but I love my BF. I am hoping that my eating habits will rub off on him as he himself is overweight and has terrible terrible eating habits. I have not really worked out at all except for walking about an hour every day and trying not to sit on my A-- the entire time I'm at work. Thank you guys for your enouragement. I truly have to say that joining this forum is the only time I have been consistently sticking to my plan!! Its true photos don't lie. The scale does, your mind plays tricks on you.. But the photos tell the story.. I'm so excited to continue and stick to my lifestyle change. As for Vegan restaurants the few that I have tried FRY to much and I feel just as guilty. Yesterday I ate fish.. And for the first time every I was nauseated and got chills down my spine.. I cant explain it.. But I felt it.. My skin was crawling.. I thought to myself I'm not meant to eat this stuff. I don't care if I just eat a salad anymore....
  4. I admit.. I was full of self doubt and insecurity.. But I said I can do it! Eat but not too much.. Don't eat when your upset.. Eat what you like dont eat what you dont... Here I am before and progress of 3 weeks.... Admittedly I have eaten a bit of fish as I have no idea what to eat out besides salads.. I'm trying to find restaurants that serve some type of vegan food so me and my boyfriend can still enjoy dinner together.. But its very difficult and he feels guilty eating if I don't. Hopefully I find some new places..
  5. Hi, I'm your man. I actually understood that. I try not to eat too much food and make sure I have a variety of foods throughout the day and not too much fats. I tried eating at some vegan restaurants and I find that they tend to fry things to much like the tofu and other items they also put way too much sweet sauces on the food but sometimes its hard to find a good vegan meal. Like today I ran out of my staples. and I try not to eat canned or processed food. but I don't have the time all the time to cook. So i just had some protein and a veggie wrap at ikea. I start Yoga tomorrow and I'm down to 135. so I guess not too bad.
  6. I really like molasses.. As far as my career.. Its hard changing I have 2 kids to support. Ahhh.. If only I was independently wealthy.. LOL... I think what I am most upset about is the fact that I looked better right after I had my son then 2 months after! I dont know what happened! My stomach was pretty flat I was a nice weight and then boom all the sudden I gain so much weight and my stomach is so pouchy... The thing is that I am TINY I'm 5 feet tall and any additional weight really shows..5 feet and 137 pounds I think is just TOO much weight. AND I just look tinier.. When I was younger the most I ever weighed was 118 even after my first child in which I went up to 185!! I promptly lost the weight and was down to 104 in about 6 months. I did have a very active career so I guess that helped a lot. On tuesday I start Yoga and I'm getting a trainer. I think Its the only way. As far as the diet I don't eat much but I guess I have a lot to burn off... My son is very chunky and healthy.. LOL! so I think the milk is probably pretty good. Thanks you guys for all your support I really appreciate it. Its hard to try to figure what is going on with my body... Maybe is hormonal or something. I'm 31 by the way.. Everyone thinks I'm in my early 20's but I'm not.. Maybe its the 30's kicking in making losing weight very difficult. I dunno.. Its a mystery to me.
  7. Wow.. I have been eating so much soy and lately I have been feeling sooooo drab.. I do eat a lot of spinach but I will cut back on the tofu and the soy milk.. As far as breast feeding I have tons of white juicy milk (sorry for the details) it seems that all the leafy greens and such are making better milk.. Or so I think. I did lose some weight.. I'm down to 137 from 143. So not too bad.. I like beans but sometimes they are SO heavy to eat I feel bloated with them especially since they are from the jar.. I wish I had time to soak and pressure cook them.. I will try to make the time.. I will have some more progress pics shortly.. I think I can go raw with my protein (sun warrior raw vegan protein) but I'm not sure yet.. I have to see how I feel energy wise....
  8. Its been 4 months since I had my baby . I went back to being vegan about a month now and 2 weeks that I'm counting calories. 2 weeks after I had my baby I weighed 127 pounds. In about a month I went up about 16 pounds and have not been able to go down again. I failed to mention that I also went back to work and my job is very sedentary. I think thats whats keeping my weight up. Its so depressing. Not so much the weight but being away from my little one and dealing with an office job. I love to move to be busy and active and this job is none of the above. I wish I could change my career.
  9. Ummm.. I have been looking at your pictures.. What is the problem? Your chest is skinny? I don't see anything wrong with you. If i saw you on the beach I wouldn't say Whoa what a skinny chest.. You can see my gross pic.. LOL! we all have things that bother us no matter what anyone says. But you should really listen to us. We ARE giving our honest opinion. Look at my picture!!! I know im not in the best shape but we have to be realistic and not exaggerate what we feel are our shortcomings..
  10. Okay so I have been eating 1200 calories for about 2 weeks.. On the bright side my skin looks great and I feel better. But here is the thing.. I have not lost a SINGLE pound.. WTF??? AND my waist has not lost a single INCH... Could it be that my metabolism is so slow after having my baby that I'm stuck in a rut? I know I should be more patient after all whats 2 weeks.. But I feel like in the past if I ate well and exercised I dropped weight like nothing. Whats happening? Should I go on a juice feast or something? What can I do friends? Puhleez Help!!!
  11. Wow a lot of helpful advice!!! I actually do pretty well on a raw diet. I enjoy the juicing of greens and I have some sort of spinach thing going on right now. I heard spinach has a lot of Iron and I am anemic so maybe I need it? I was afraid to stop eating the nuts and beans because of the protein content that I need. But I see that I'm an extremist I cant just eat a little bit. Today I ate raw cashews which led to almond butter and I was about to eat a peanut butter sandwich but I realized what was going on.. I will try going raw for the most part but I would like to at least eat tofu. It seems to have a lot of protein for not so much calories unlike nuts. I haven't tried rice paper but if its crispy I will definetly eat it. I miss veggie egg rolls I used to eat. Your meal ideas are very helpful and I havent actually tried any of the combinations you listed above. I have a vegan recipe book but they actually do a lot of baking and to me that will lead to lots of pounds being that I love breads and such. I cut out bread right now to reduce this belly. I can eat about 2 lbs of spinach in 2 meals!! So big salads will not be a problem I get into the salad groove and my family stares at me cuz they cant believe I enjoy it! Ive never actually tried just eating one thing a day. hmmmm.. I may try it... thank you for your advice I really need it!
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