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  1. i am vegan most of my meals exept forwhen i have dairy...i know its why i cant drop the rest of my bodyfat. im at 19% and like to stay around 14%. i need help to stop! i have a problem with cheese and whey protein. i guess i came from old school thinking where protein protein protein was the base of the diet. when i went vegetarian i still had that train of thought. i need some info on how its bad for you and how to still keep my muscle and drop body fat on a very vegan diet. im ready to commit to this lifestyle
  2. i guess i prob do eat alot of nut/seeds or their butters. its easy to eat more than the 2 tbsp serving. should i worry about my protein content at this point? i just want to drop body fat im 19ish% i am comfy at 15% any one have a sample day of eating i can look at? i come from a background of eating meat meat meat (the typical body builder mentality) its hard for me to get it outta my head that carbs arent "bad" and they wont make you fat!
  3. i am a 5'10 160lb female and have worked out 4-5x a week for 10 years. always stay at 145-148 and happy with that. when i had my son almost 2 yrs ago i lost all but 15lbs. i am 19% bf and have alot of muscle. after giving up meat, dairy and eggs i thought i would drop the weight but the scale hasnt moved, not 1 lb! what should i be eating to drop fat? i basically live off beans, soy, fruit veggies,nut/seeds, and olive oil based dressings. what gives? too many calories u think?
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