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  1. 1. I walk a few miles every day. 2. I spend time in meditation 3. I eat a vegan diet, of mostly raw/whole foods.
  2. Thank you Barb for taking time to reply. Thank you for the advice
  3. Though I've been a reader here for a while, I haven't been very active. My wife and I are starting to work out more, and currently we are using what equipment we have been given to start with. My question is for her though, it's about building muscle in the legs/hips/thighs. She wants to tone in that area, and get a slimming effect. One of our friends, who works out constantly, said she should not work her legs at all except aerobic exercises. So far we've been doing arms, shoulders, chest, back on a bowflex (it was free and I don't have any free weights yet.) Then on odd days we do some sort of cardio/aerobic exercise. Then comes the question: Should she do weight training on her legs etc, or should we continue the current routine? Secondly, if we are only working upper body, will we be in danger of over training by doing it Monday, Wednesday and Friday?
  4. My brother in law has a very nice physique and does only bodyweight training, and rock climbing. He put me on to this website, which I find has some very intense workouts. Not sure if they will build much mass as they seem more conditioning/cardio. http://www.bodyrock.tv/
  5. I've lived my entire life with a chest deformity, mine is called 'pigeon breast.' I can tell you this from my experience, a woman who is disgusted because your chest is different, isn't the kind of woman you want to be around anyway. I've never had anyone comment negatively that I was seeing seriously. You are definitely not disgusting, and as the others above mentioned.. if you hadn't said anything.. I would never have seen any deformity.
  6. You can get good results from a spotting scope but not nearly as clear and crisp as a high end optic. One of the problems with scopes is the mounting adapter. If your scope will connect to the camera with an adapter so the eye piece is still in place, then you end up with less light and only get good results in high lighting conditions. If you are lucky enough to have a scope that connects directly, then you can get better results. You have to really watch hand shake, wind motion etc with a scope as they magnify it tremendously. It's a good way to go if you already have a scope, but I wouldn't invest in one just for photography. A nice low F stop telephoto lens is a better bet, IMHO.
  7. Besides the obvious (G20, global government etc) what were the protests about specifically? Great photos by the way!
  8. If you're still breast feeding, make sure to take in enough calories (healthy calories) to produce milk. You may not have a child inside, but could still be eating for two.
  9. I'm in awe! You have the most amazing look arms I've ever seen. She's also in amazing shape. I hope some day to be even close to this defined, makes me want to go into the gym again and start pumping!
  10. Very nice results! Really inspiring to see the before and after of such a short time, way to keep at it
  11. Amazing definition! I wish more people would come to realize they don't need meat to build a killer body, you've proven that
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