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  1. OK, I swear I posted this earlier this morning, but I don't see the post anywhere...so delete if it's a dupe. Anyways, I injured my foot surfing and so my P90x Plyo and CardioX are out the window for a while. I can use the elliptical and bikes at the Y (no pool though), but I prefer to work out at home. Just wonder is there's a good routine I can do that will burn calories that won't put strain on my (right) foot? I've been making great progress and want to keep it up! Thanks!
  2. I've heard of the Pullouts! I play guitar and sing in a band called The Jack Saints and one called HORNSS. Sometimes play mandolin in a band called the Poontang Wranglers.
  3. one month progress! still keeping my diet at 1300-1600 calories a day and only drinking booze on the weekends (and still not nearly as much as I used to). I'm usually doing 30-40 min of P90X a day..not really eating enough calories for too much of that. I'm more concentrating on losing weight, and getting in better overall shape. Once I'm down to 190, I'll figure out where I wanna go... http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4081/4824600532_526cf6a22f_b.jpg
  4. I should say that I was drinking a bottle of wine a night, so a good portion of weight loss was prolly putting that to an end! It'll be tougher to shed from here on out I'm guessing...my arms feel stronger though which is cool.
  5. Week one progress. Only 2 p90x workouts (not counting today's), but I've been doing about 20 min a day of general working out and been eating healthy and watching my portions for once. Also not drinking (except Sat and Sunday...and just gin&tonic) http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4139/4765605154_ea7485ed21_b.jpg I made a dent!
  6. I've made the drive from France to Spain, but the only places I've hung out in were Toulouse and Montpellier. I can't even remember what I ate. Probably just drank wine and cider! Happy Cow is a great site, though a few places/streets seemed not to exist when I was looking for European food in Sweden a few years ago...though it could have been human error with our GPS thingie.
  7. Welcome! I'm new here too, but I've been vegetarian for 22 years and vegan for the last 10. I don't know where you live in France, but every time I tried to order vegan food in Paris they thought I was nuts! Actually I had to say "vegetarian sans du lait, sans des oeuf, sans du beurre", etc...(not sure if that's right, my French is rusty). It wasn't much better when I was there and just vegetarian...it's hard in some areas, but there are vegans all over the world eating great food...and healthier food. One thing I've learned is that vegans LOVE food. Take a look at this blog: "What the Hell Does A Vegan Eat Anyway?" http://veganmenu.blogspot.com/ (as for what vegan bodybuilders eat...i've just been reading these boards)
  8. yeah, I was wondering about what my workouts will be like: do yo just try to follow the best you can? Hit pause button and take a break or catch up? In the infomercial there's a big double-bacon looking dude who was saying he couldn't do it at first, but they still showed him after 30,60,90 days with amazing results.
  9. Thanks for the blog link! I'm starting P90x too (just waiting for my pulse monitor to arrive in the mail)
  10. I know I already said DEVO, but I just got the new DEVO record and it's fanfriggintastic workout music. I don't like John Cougar, but for some reason I kept "The Authority Song" on repeat the other day. Black Flag is always good too.
  11. Cool! We have at least a couple Canadian vegans -including my wife who's from Alberta If you don't read it already, check out vegansaurus for bay area vegan blogging!
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