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  1. Got a question for ya.. I've heard powerlifting can sometimes decrease height if not done properly due to muscle shortening. Have you noticed that at all?
  2. I think it's a solid diet, but I agree with lobster... The less processed and the better the food = the better the body works.
  3. well most doctors don't seem to know about it. I will probably have to try visiting a specialist but it's kind of tough right now. I think I might look into buying some kind of shin wrap or something
  4. Yeah it is ha.. I have heard surgery can really complicate things.... It is more about worrying everytime I run or squat that it is going to get biggger! I just wish someone on here has dealt with this and can help me.. This thing is irritating
  5. Hey all just wondering if ANYONE has help on this subject. I have realized that a recent bulge on my shin is actually a anterior tibialis hernia. It is a small protrusion in my shin muscle which creates a little bump that sticks out when I'm working out. It's affecting me mentally more than anything because I feel like it will get worse as it has since it started 3-4 years ago. Now I'm wondering if any type of diet or supplement may help my body repair this itself? And does anyone have any knowledge at all about this. I would seriously appreciate it so much because not many doctors even know about this.. but there are a few documents online. Any info would be awesome, Thank you! Chris
  6. Hey all I have an interesting question for anyone who is interested or has had experience with this. I am hoping that there will be no spammers because the height spammers get tiring. Have any of you seen an increase in your height since going vegan and/or working out? I am really interested in this and I understand that it must take a lot of work to gain even an inch. I do not want to hear it is not possible after 20 because I personally know people who have gained after this age. I do know it is rare though. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to maximize this... I mean many people workout to make their body look better and get bigger, which I am also interested in. Think of this as a different form of body building - one that tries to maximize height. Best diet/exercise/other that would help increase height over time? Any info and past experiences would be appreciated... Thanks!
  7. It seems from what I'm reading you have problems with him. His argument was excellent. I'm not 100% raw but I have seen the benefits and now being mostly raw have more energy,strength, etc. After he states his side all you have to say is your argument is weak and now say you don't have time? Maybe it's because you don't know how to refute the statement? Just a thought..
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