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  1. Heard about a cool contest through my work with the SAMHSA and the What A Differene A Friend Makes program. You can win a trip to the Voice Awards in Hollywood. I pasted the details below if you want to check it out: Ever been annoyed with someone stereotyping your friend with a Mental Health Problem? If you have been active in helping your friend fight the stereotype of their Mental Health Problem, we want to hear it! Submit a video explaining how you supported your friend to overcome his/her Mental Health problem, and you will help spread awareness about the importance of friendship and support for Mental Health recovery. You will also be entered to win a trip to Hollywood for the Voice Awards! Submit your story here: http://bit.ly/9x8Vzn
  2. I'm over myspacep; left for facebook
  3. Hi. I'm new. My name is Angela. I'm interested in learning more about fitness and the vegan lifestyle. I like to talk to new people, I'm from Southern California and I work with the SAMHSA and the What A Difference A Friend Makes program (www.whatadifference.org/mentalhealth)
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