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  1. Hey everyone, Im new to the forum and just wanted to say hi. My name is Dan Cavanaugh. Im a 26 year old vegan from Michigan but living in Portland. I have been vegan since I turned 18 and have been trying to work out and be health conscious the same amount of time. I currently lift, cycle, hike, skateboard, snowboard, surf, and practice martial arts. Im a pretty active guy but I'm also an extremely active eater and enjoy more Oregon craft brew than I should haha. Thats why I thought this forum might be a good idea. Im in no way overweight or fat but Id like to talk to more healthy people and work on getting more defined. Im currently 220lbs and 6'2" with a mildly muscular build and a constantly fluctuating little beer belly . This forum looks pretty cool and im excited about having some good conversations and learning some fitness tips from ya!
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