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  1. Thanks for the replies -- they have been very helpful. The trainer I am working with has put together a new routine for me. He said this routine has helped him bust through plateaus in the past. It has me lifting weights only three days per week instead of four and hits each main muscle group only once per week. Lots of tear-down sets. I'll post again after I see what results I get for a couple weeks. I also bumped up my calories and protein a bit. I asked this before but nobody responded: what type of protein powder do you recommend? I had been trying Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70, and now I'm trying Garden Life Raw Protein. Any recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the responses -- it's a big help. The trainer I am working with has me in the gym 5 days a week. He put together 5 different upper and lower body workouts. I do an upper body workout on Su, lower on M, Tu off, 30 min of interval / endurance training on W, different upper body on Th, different lower on F, and Sa off. That way I don't repeat any one workout for two weeks. The focus is mostly bench press, deadlifts, squats, dips, etc. with some isolation movements. Almost all of the exercises are done in supersets. For example, between bench press sets he'll have me do a set of back flys. Input on that is much appreciated. Again, I'm pleased that from week to week I'm consistently lifting heavier weights. Still, I'd like to add more mass. You are probably right about more protein. I thought I was getting enough, but I'll try bumping that up for a couple weeks and see what happens. Any suggestions on the best protein powder for this purpose? For the last couple weeks I had been trying Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70.
  3. I started hitting the gym at the beginning of the year with the help of a personal trainer. I am naturally pretty skinny (started out at 5'9", 135lb.). I made pretty good progress both gaining strength and adding muscle mass for the first several months, but I have hit a plateau. I am still getting stronger from week to week, but (according to the scale) I am not gaining muscle mass. In fact, for the past couple of weeks the scale at the gym says I am actually losing muscle mass and adding fat. Are those scales simply too inaccurate to bother with? It it really possible to gain strength without actually adding muscle mass? Any suggestions for the first place to make a change that might jump-start things (more protein, modify training, cardio, etc.)?
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