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  1. Turns out I'm not much for protein shakes...although the vanilla was pretty good. Definitely liked it over the berry flavor.
  2. Hey Guys, I just ordered a sample of this new Protein Shake mix, completely Vegan. http://allproscience.com/complete-veggie-protein.html Has anyone tried it yet? I've hear good reviews, and thought it would be good to try this as a meal replacement! It comes in two flavors, Berry and Vanilla! I'll let you know what my review is once I get it!! I'm excited though!
  3. Hi! Thank you for your responses! Okay I've been tracking my food on myfitnesspal, and I'm doing better as I'm becoming more comfortable in my Vegan role. Like Ducati said... I did eat a lot of vegetables especially a lot of fruit. I mean one big bowl of watermelon can fill me up for hours! So I'm trying to balance it more, and like Marcina said... it can't be all I eat. I've actually gotten out of the anemic zone from the beginning of this year, thank goodness, I take really good supplements. Now I guess my concern is carbing up too much, because it get's really expensive living at whole foods every day...lol. But I think I'm really starting to find a balance, and a lot of it, is because I'm relaxing into it, and not being so intense about every calorie. I'm meeting with a personal trainer tomorrow, and tomorrow I'm going to weigh myself. The first time in two weeks. I'll see if there is any difference, but I'm really hoping not for weight loss necessarily, but for a lower body fat percentage. I'm actually at an ideal weight for my height. I did get worried though.
  4. Hi so I'm tracking my food. And I'm not even close to what I should be eating. I should be at about 1400-1500 calories a day. I've eaten at about 800 on average. I'm really full. Eat all day. It's ALL very nutrient rich. I work out, and do a lot of cardio. But I don't want start feeling dizzy or pass out anywhere. Will this be okay for me? Or what can you suggest I do to gain more calories? I'm hoping this is just a phase, and then I'll meld into a normal diet soon. Thank you so much for any advice!!
  5. April thanks for mentioning that... I need to also let go of the # and really work on the body fat %. I'm having a really hard time making it to enough calories though. I'm worried I won't see toned, or weight loss results, if I'm not eating at least the fewest number of calories per day. I will say though, that all of my food is very nutrient dense.... do you think that'll make a difference?
  6. Hello! I've been a vegetarian for roughly a decade~now decided to become vegan. I work out a lot, eat pretty healthy, but I'm just not where I want to be. I went to a dietician who thought my diet was really good, saying I'm not eating enough calories actually. So now I'm trying to figure that out. Also I took a fitness test and my body-fat percentage isn't where I thought it was.... in a bad way. So I'm visiting with a personal trainer next week. I really want to tone up! I look pretty good, but not nearly as toned as I should be. I'm very excited, and I've been obsessed with learning as much as I can. Thanks and Love to all the support out there!!
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