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  1. Thank you for the welcoming words and encouragement this site has been so helpful and there are really great people posting.
  2. perhaps they have to do several takes, or even splice different days. They probably have several breaks or even redo scenes. I noticed some editing spaces in p90x like that as well.
  3. I am new to working out and sometimes I am impatient with results and feel unmotivated. What tools do you use for motivation? I am dong p90x, and sometimes it helps to look at before and after pictures of other people who have done p90x. And I am looking for some tips/inspiration/ideas for when my mind is not in it.
  4. Thanks for sharing this. I just starting looking into the insanity workout. I am still in the middle of p90x, but already planning for the future. It is great to read your experience with the program, especially since you have done p90x. I was thinking about doing either the lean or doubles (depending on the shape I am in) and then trying out insanity, but I might just go into insanity. It does not seem too bad from what you have described.
  5. Hi Tia Good luck this time around! Please share any recipes or ideas with me. I am on day 31 and loving it. The diet is so much more easier on the second month. looking forward to hearing from you on your journey.
  6. I completely agree with processed food being crap. I wish there were better vegan high protein options. I am giving it a shot. I do mix up some lentils or garbanzo beans in the menu. and lots of veggies. The protein is so high that I still get to eat tons of veggies and stay within the ratios. I still have lots of energy, but i can't wait until i get to cut out this protein. I aslo use rice and hemp along with soy to mix it up.
  7. I just push through it.. I try to do the push-ups or weights well, and use good form rather than try to keep up with the people in the video. Just keep their motto in mind "do your best and forget the rest". I have been afraid of pausing because I don't want to get too cooled off. Yesterday I started the second week and it was so much easier than the first time around. I found that this time I found myself pushing myself to do more and do better rather than just get through it.
  8. I only could peek at your site.... it looks too good! I am trying to stick to the diet, but as soon as i can have carbs I will take a much closer look. thank you for sharing! My workouts are going good so far. I struggled the first week, and I am sure it will get easier over time. I am excited to start the second week! How are your workouts going?
  9. Thanks so much! That was what I came up with the first week. I have some other great recipes to come, and I am sure I will come up with some new things during the rest of the program. I get bored easily with food so i have to mix it up. Thank you again for looking at the site. I am new to blogging.
  10. Oh I started. I made it through the first week and now I am on to the second! I didn't have a pull-up bar so for the first week I switched the 1st day with the 3rd. I am so glad I did. That is a hard work out. So far I am loving it! and yes, I was very very sore. I am ready to be sore all over again. Thanks for the post. shine
  11. I just started p90x and have some specific to p90x vegan recipes on my blog. http://p90xforvegans.blogspot.com/ Keep up the good work and thanks for being vegan!
  12. Hi my name is shine. I just started doing p90x. I noticed there were lots of questions on this site, and a few answers. I started a blog http://p90xforvegans.blogspot.com/ it contains the breakdown of the fatshredder diet, and recipes. I love cooking and thought i would share my ideas with you. hope it helps.
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