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  1. Hello. I have been consuming insane amounts of soy per day... And by insane I mean, About 4 scoops of Soy Protein Powder (100G a day)+800ML Soy Milk a day. The reasons are: 1. It's DELICIOUS. 2. The amount of protein is amazing.. 400ML of soy milk contains 13.2G of protein, where 2 scoops (which is how much I take per 400ML) is 42.6G protein. That adds up to 111G protein per day just from soy. Is that way too much? Am I harming myself? I do know that's alot, but my question is if it hurts my body. Thank you.
  2. I ordered Pea protein and Hemp protein, which I'm going to bake cookies with and bring it to the army! (hemp protein for the mornings and in between meals, pea protein is post workout) hoping I'll get in shape quite fast
  3. Well I'm in Uvda so I've got nothing here, but I'll try and buy some items and bring them here.. Anyways, mind giving me a list of items I should consume?
  4. I can get free veggies and buy fruits here but will those be enough? I wanna be fit!
  5. Toda well I'm not sure how good that book will be since I can't cook here yet.. Any ideas on things I can bring for a 5 hour drive and store in the fridge?
  6. Major bump here... I did join the army 6 months ago, and now I wanna start working out.. Well, problem is that being vegan in the army is hard as it is, so how am I supposed to get fit and shaped? Please don't forget I can't eat every 3 hours and such since I just don't have much time.. Well I just need some help I'll try and visit the forum on a daily basis, with determination and with hope to achieve my goal
  7. Thanks everybody, and nice to meet you Zerh. Where are you from?
  8. I've been reading about it, about how it contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 and that It's very healthy.. What do you guys think of it?
  9. I don't think bread and pasta contains much protein
  10. It wouldn't be easy at all, but I realized that if I can go vegan while being a soldier, anything is possible
  11. Sup? My name's Roee, 18 years old from Israel and I wanna start ''Vegan Training"! I've been a veggie since September, and stopped eating dairy since October... I don't eat much eggs at all, hardly at all to be honest. Well, I'm a bit chubby and I wanna lose some weight and, well, be fit! In Israel, you must join the army at the age of 18-19, or when they recruit you, for 3 years. I wanna be in a wee good shape for the army and just be fit.. I wanted to veganize when I join the army, but I figured, why wait? I can just do it now! So do you guys have any tips for a beginner? Any tips for supplements (B12, Soy Protein, Amino Acids, etc) I could take? What should my diet be based on? I could really use some tips guys.. Thanks! P.S: As soon as I start training I will take weekly pictures of myself and post them here, to see how I progress. Last thing, pardon my non-perfect English.. Ok, thanks alot!
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