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  1. mass, in the bodybuilding sense, and strength don't always go together. check out how unmassive this litte twirp is, but she's deadlifting more than three times her bodyweight - even chakarov is no more massive than a typical nfl quarterback - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mL2d6WaPIM
  2. i think any machine is bad. they may be safer than free weights while using them, but they do too much of the stabilizing for the lifter, so the lifter is not going to have the benefits in real life application. i wish i could remember where this conversation came from... Q. can you get a good workout using a leg extension machine? A. sure, if you attach a chain to it and drag it around the parking lot for 45 minutes. ________________ concerning overhead pressing - i just recently read an article by bill starr lamenting the overhead press being abandoned for the bench press. http://startingstrength.com/articles/stronger_press_starr.pdf ________________ as others have stated, any lift can be dangerous. someone who tries a lift without knowledge of how the lift should be performed, is risking injury. so too are people who don't warm up, try to lift too much, etc. ________________ even my favorite lift, the 12oz. hoist, has it's dangers.
  3. still going through the thread, but someone must have already said "whatever speed, strength and endurance looks like", so +1 to that.
  4. and i thought mike goldberg was the goofball...
  5. power cleans and overhead press will work shoulders and upper back (as well as just about everything else).
  6. i have a bar and plates in my bonus room and a steep hill around the corner.
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