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  1. I've lost 2 inches on my waist!!! Does anyone have any more suggestions for me? Any new takers?
  2. It's very very rare but there are people who truly have food addictions and it's really sad
  3. Oh yeah I totally understand that! When I said keep my hips big and boobs big I mean through muscle building . I know my assets will shrink with weight loss because a lot of fat sits there . What I'm aiming to do is keep them the same size as much as possible through heavy squats, bench presses, etc . SUPER interesting!! I'm going to look into that. I have a friend who has a degree in chemical science I'll ask him about the potential risks of using DMSO topically . I do know for a fact that pueraria mirifica most of the time works for breast enhancement (my friend grew a cup size with it ) but I don't know about my hips/butt I figured I'd try it because those areas have a lot of estrogen. I guess I'll be the first to experiment with this idea, I love to experiment, I'll let everyone know if it works! NEW So I did my research of DMSO and... I don't wanna mess around with that stuff. I read that the substance itself is not dangerous but there is no reliable source for it (except through a doctor) because it literally soaks up anything it comes into contact with. So that means that if something toxic fell into the DMSO or if I bumped into something while letting is soak on me that substance would dissolve a bit and go right into my cells and bloodstream . The FDA hasn't approved it's use for natural healing (but then again do they ever? ) I'm just gonna stick to the castor oil and see if it does anything. I do know that oil does soak well into skin and your skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it. Oh really? I'm taking it because I have a hormonal imbalance and my doctor suggested it. I'm taking BCAA's and creatine as well. I have just heard that maca is really good for you and for growing muscles on your butt (I'm not sure how valid that is though , but it's all over the internet). I do need more energy, either way I'll continue taking it , even if all it does is give me more energy. I have made just an estimate... I do need to figure out how much I tend to eat. I do know for sure that I actually don't eat enough and I gained a lot of weight when I first became vegan. If I don't keep track of myself I typically eat only twice a day. I eat some bread or crackers in the morning/early afternoon. Then usually a salad for dinner, that's about 800 calories = not enough. Though I looked up all of the calories for his diet plans and they don't equate to 4,000 calories, more like 2,000 calories (not trying to go against ya Robert ) So since I work all day standing up and moving protein powders around, I walk/take the bus to work, and workout 5-6 days a week I think I'll try 2,000 calories and see how it works for me. Perfect! Thank you!!!
  4. Thank you for the reply Rob!! Luckily even though I'm obese my cholesterol and insulin resistance levels are great because I've been vegan already for 3 years, my doc always says, "you might get diabetes or high cholesterol in the future, but for now you are actually excellent". That goes without saying that I am still going to lose weight though just because I'm O.K. now doesn't mean I always will be (plus I don't want to look like this any longer either). I forgot to add that to my regiment I take 500mcg of timed-release chromium already and I've noticed it helping my sugar cravings a lot. It's a good thing I like coconut oil, I'll start taking that as well So more cardio huh? I did lose a lot of weight when I did an hour of cardio everyday 2 years ago. But I heard that you lose muscle when you do cardio for longer than 30 minutes that your body will use your muscles as fuel and not your fat. Either way I'll do your suggestion because it does make sense because of my past success.
  5. This idea was stolen from Emerald City Smoothie the smoothie restaurant. These are SO GOOD I can never get enough of these. "The Builder" -1 banana -Soymilk (however thick or think you want the shake) -Some sugar-free chocolate vegan ice cream -A couple spoonfuls of peanut butter -1 scoop chocolate protein (or non-flavored, with some cocoa powder and stevia sweetener) Sugar-free Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream -1 cup soy milk -2 cups liquid soy creamer -1/4 cup cocoa powder -1/2 cup vegan unsweetened chocolate chips (or naturally sweetened) -2 tablespoons arrowroot powder -3-5 tablespoons stevia sweetener powder On the side in a bowl mix 1/4 cup soymilk and the arrowroot powder till the arrowroot dissolves Combine the rest of the ingredients in a pot under medium heat until the chocolate chips melt. Adjust the sweetness of the ice cream with how much stevia you put in it, some people like a darker chocolate and some like a sweeter one. Then bring the liquid to a boil. Remove it from the stove as soon as it boils and stir while adding the rest of the soymilk and arrowroot (this will thicken it). Let the mixture cool down for about an hour outside the fridge, then put it in the fridge to cool down for about 3 hours. Then WALLA it's ready to be put in an ice cream maker!
  6. I didn't get to eat much because my family wanted me over for their dinner and they are nowhere near vegan. Sadly I just had veggies with Itallian dressing, a big salad, apple cider, my grandmother's candied yams (she doesn't use marsh mellows), and I brought over some vegan rolls :/ oh well. They all looked at me like I was stupid too
  7. mmmmm this sounds really good . I make this vegan chocolate cake where the frosting calls for coconut oil, so to have a coconut undertone in hot chocolate sounds divine! Thanks for the recipe!!
  8. WoW did not know that, i'll stay away from it then thank you!! At least there is still my NOW protein isolate
  9. NOW has so really inexpensive rice and soy protein powders. There is also spirutein which doesn't have that much protein but it's a meal-replacement that has fruit and vegetable extracts as well as vitamins and minerals. ON nutrition sells non-GMO soy protein for really inexpensive, I get it on prosource.net and luckyvitamin.com sells the NOW proteins for really cheap.
  10. What it does do is absorb stomach gas though, it's been my friend many times when all the veggies I've been eating catches up with me As for having it soak up chemicals yeah that's a good one. I've heard so many people doing the syrup/pepper/lemon diet I wanna scream (I work at a GNC) you are just putting your body into extreme constant ketosis (fat-burning because you are starving same with that STUPID HCG diet ). You gain it all back but no one ever listens to me when I try to talk them out of it.
  11. I think organic tastes much better " title="Applause" /> though one thing is true, it's pretty hard to say these days that organic foods are completely rid of anything unnatural . Even USDA certified 100% organic are still contaminated with some form of unnatural stuff because it's just a fact that our air and land just aren't what they used to be , they have be over-used and polluted over the years from neglect. I think that we breathe and put on our bodies so many chemicals (I'm writing a book about that) everyday that we might as well eat the most natural we can get to reduce how much crap we are putting in our bodies everyday. As I said I don't think it's 100% for sure natural but it's certainly far more natural than all of these GMO foods. Personally I'm really scared for the future, bees all over the world are dying thus plants are pollenating less = less plant growth which = eventually less food (maybe). GMO foods are very scary, we are cross-breeding foods like rice, taking the pollen from rice in Asia and "mating" it with rice in Africa making new sub-species of plants. Then taking beta-carotene and injecting it into the rice creating this new "golden rice" for starving and vitamin A deficient Africans. I am all for feeding the world, but we need to consider the long-term effects of what we're doing to our world's agriculture. Perhaps I'm paranoid but I believe that someday we are going to cross-breed or hybrid a plant that is going to screw up the whole world, that the pollen will spread and destroy all the plants in the world (or most of them). It's already been proven that new strains of bacteria and human illnesses have risen out of GMO foods. Keep it natural, that's the way nature and food is meant to be.
  12. My main question is at the bottom, if you are going to help me would you please read my entire post please and thank you! Hi everyone , I'm still fairly new to this forum (I joined awhile ago, but got caught up in school/work which kept me away from here). I'm very ready to change my life and get a truly better body, I'm not looking to be a fitness model, but I would like to be lean and healthy. I just got done reading Robert's book *waves* "hiiiii" (which was EXCELLENT BTW). I'm planning on following his fat burning diet plans which consists of a lot of fruit, salads, protein drinks, nuts, tofu, etc. Here are my stats and my goals (which will always be posted in my signature so you guys can watch me). Currently Name: Allise Age: 23 Height: 5'8" Weight: 245lb Approximate BMI: 30+% Bust: 48" Waist: NEW 41" (boyfriend said I wasn't measuring it in the right place) Arms: 16" Hips: 50" Butt: 50" Calves: 18" Thighs: 27" General goals: Keep my hips and butt at 50 inches or close to that despite how small my waist gets or how lean I get because I really like having big big curves (like Kim Kardashian ... ) and so does my boyfriend . I want to keep my legs thick and I'm gonna try to keep my bust size as much as possible . I'm going to be dressing up as Chun Li from the video game Street Fighter for anime convention Sakura-con in Seattle on April 21st. For those not familiar with her physique here she is: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b307/gogirlanime/chunli.jpg So obviously I can't get crazy huge legs and a super small waist like that (I don't want a crazy ratio like that anyways), but I'm gonna shoot for it as far and hard as I can by April 21st . Here are my goals for January 1st 2012 (gonna get here as close as I can for the convention) Goal Size Bust: 48"-51" Waist: 44"-26" Arms: 16"-11" Hips: 50"-50" Butt: 50"-50" Calves: 18"-12" Thighs: 27"-25" Some regiments -Putting a mixture of pueraria mirifica, vegan sea vegetable EFA oil, and castor oil on my butt, hips, and chest. Then wrapping it plastic wrap and letting it sit in for 45 minutes a day. Pueraria mirifica is a plant that is naturally very high in phytoestrogens (usually used orally for breast enhancement but I don't wanna screw around with my whole body's hormones, just locally). The EFA oil is a replacement for a butt-growing remedy that usually calls for fish oil (but we don't do that here, oh no no ) this oil is taken from sea vegetables which have naturally gathered the oils from fish without hurting the animals. Then the castor oil is to help the ingredients sink far into my tissues (I can feel my muscles getting tight when I do all this ) -Taking 5 grams of raw maca root everyday for hormonal balance so my muscles grow in all the right places -Taking AAKG (3.2 grams x3) and CEE (5 grams x2) as a pre-workout/nitric oxide -Taking CLA (3 grams) and L-carnitine (2 grams) as my fat burners -Taking the vegan sea vegetable EFA oil and flaxseed oil for my EFAs (3 grams) -I lift as heavy as I can using pyramid lifting styles when working out my legs and butt -I lift heavy but not at my extreme max for the rest of my body (I'm not looking to get huge arms or abs) -I am going to eat Robert's 4,500 calorie meal plan on the days I work my legs and butt, then eat his 4,000 calorie meal plan on the days I work my other body parts, then his 4,000 calorie plan on resting days. -I do 1 hour of lifting and then 20 minutes of HIIT cardio on an elliptical machine. -Working out 4-5 days a week, like Robert suggests I workout 2 days, then take a day off and repeat process. So my questions are this: Is it possible to lose fat weight yet gain muscle at the same time? I believe it's possible but I always hear different opinions about this. Some say "you need the calories to build the muscle" others say "lean out then grow the muscle" others say "grow the muscle then lean out". So what are everyones best suggestions for me to reach my goal, how I can get to my optimum size as close as possible by April 21st and how I can meet my final goal by January 1st 2012.
  13. I've always said that there are traces of gross growth hormones in milk products from the injections in cows, just as many hormone-altering hormones as soy. I've always believed that your hormones will equally fluctuate with whey or soy because they both have traces of hormone altering hormones. You're doing better for yourself and your heart taking in soy protein. The soy isoflavonoids in soybeans have to be EXTREMELY concentrated in order for a hormonal imbalance to occur. For example to show you just how much you would have to take in by means of soy for a woman to grow breasts is this: Pueraria Mirifica: 1 gram a day for 3 months = 1 breast cup size growth Red Clover: 100 grams a day (because Pueraria Mirifica is 100x stronger) Soy Isoflavone: 3,000 grams a day (because Pueraria Mirifica is 3,000x stronger) Pueraria Mirifica is the only natural herbal supplement that has been clinically show to increase levels of estrogen and breast size in women. Now since men naturally have higher levels of testosterone this would take even longer. You would have to take in 3,000 grams of soy isoflavonoids a day for about 2 months I'd say before you saw a big hormonal change or breast tissue growth in men. on this website: http://www.soyfoods.com/nutrition/isoflavoneconcentration.html it shows you the isoflavone amount in common soy foods, as you can see tofu and soy milk only have 2 grams of soy isoflavone per serving. Eating a crazy 64 oz of tofu and a gallon of soymilk a day brings you at only 64 grams of soy isoflavonoids. You're still 2,936 grams of soy isoflavones short from getting enough to equal the same phytoestrogen count of 1 gram of pueraria mirifica. Soy does not have enough phytoestrogens to alter a man's hormones.
  14. I'm in the same boat as you and I feel and look so much better getting rid of all refined sugar (and caffeine for me). Getting adequate sleep and waking up at the same time everyday you won't need coffee or sugar to wake you up and you feel fantastic. Getting enough sleep is very crucial to weight loss too. As for the times when your sweet tooth is going crazy I make hot chocolate from scratch. I take coco powder, powdered soy creamer, soy milk, and STEVIA natural sweetener (you don't want that cancer-causing artificial crap). It really hits the spot when my ovaries are screaming for chocolate. It's pretty much guilt free, no sugar, very low fat, but you get pure coco antioxidants and soy protein!
  15. Raw strawberries, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar naturally whiten your teeth, being vegan more of those are being incorporated in your diet I'm sure, that's probably what it is. Plus chomping down on all those fruits and veggies all day scrapes and whitens your teeth too. I've noticed this too, people always complement my teeth and ask if I whiten them, I say "no", now it makes sense perhaps it's a vegan diet! Another plus for us!
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