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  1. Hi Everyone, I am relatively new to weight lifting (9 months now) and even newer to a Vegan diet (Not even 6 months) I am hoping to make some vegan bodybuilding/fitness friends. Let me tell you a bit about myself I hope to get to know some of you. I am a 26 years old male. Starting October 2009 I was 210 pounds and needed to get into shape. I have dieted in the past and found out I was doing it all wrong by not exercising and calorie/carb restricting myself (obviously this failed several times and I gained my weight back). This time it was to be different. I started P90X at that point. Did it for 4 months and went down to 185 pounds and gained a lot of muscle definition. I still had to lose a lot of fat so in February I started the insanity workout and a vegan diet. I am around 170 pounds now. I figure I have a 15-20 pounds of fat left to lose. I decided to go vegan for a lot of reasons which I will list below. I am a Buddhist and it is in line with my religious beliefs I don't really like the taste of meat Meat products aside from protein have little nutritional benefit and no fiber. Most of my protein sources didn't come from animal products (aside from whey) I love animals and don't like to see them hurt, tortured, killed etc. Being a vegan is cheaper on the grocery bill Being a vegan is healthier! At the present moment I do 3 days of lifting via P90X and 3 days of cardio via Insanity and one day off. I supplement with Sequel Vega products and although I love them I am open to suggestions for cheaper alternatives. I also use flax seed oil and occasionally creatine. I am looking to make some vegan fitness friends because I don't know any apart from my wife. I am also looking to for useful tips for workouts, diet, recipes, supplements etc. that can help me along the way. Thanks! Steve
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