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  1. I was going to start a new thread, but this board is already rife with protein powder post. I have been using Vega protein for a few weeks, and I do like it. I especially like that it contains most of my needed vitamins so I have no need for a one-a-day. However, it is very very very very pricey and I am currently an unemployed full time student. I saw nitro fusion and it contains a good amount of protein and is far more inexpensive. It doesn't have all the additional vitamins. I'm afraid I won't get all the vitamins that I need from my actual food intake. I've heard horror stories about lack of B12 vitamins causing dementia, ha! A good one-a-day could cost me 20 bucks for a months supply, so shouldn't I just stick with the vega? I work out hard, but my food discipline is not all there yet. One contributing factor is my current financial situation. In light of that, I fear that I will not got all the vitamins that I need. This is very important for vegans, as we know. I hate coming to this board as though it's an oracle , but I feel as though many of you have hit financial walls before...
  2. Wow, lots of helpful posts. I actually think that it's more of a bean, or simply high protein issue as I cut out the powder and still had the nightmare farts. As a vegan, especially one trying to put on lean muscle, I believe that beans are a reality of every day. So I may just have to deal with it.
  3. I have been lifting for a few months, both while vegan and not. Protein powders including whey and casein made me have horrible smelling farts. It also made my tonsils swell up and be annoying (one of the reason for the vegan switch) I have switched to a vegan protein mix (this will remain nameless for now) that features a mix of hemp,rice, and pea proteins, with a ton of fiber and vitamins to boot. This has given me diarrhea and farts that are the most horribly smelling scents I have ever experienced. I'm talking, like mud, grass, and baby diarrhea mixed together. Did I mention they are warm? I gradually upped the protein supplement specifcally to try to avoid this, but it did not help. Anyone who has used supplements has experienced gas, but why is it far worse smelling then the diary protein? I mean, this kind of reaction must mean something... Most importantly, is my system refusing to digest it and just farting out all of the good stuff? Anyone else experience this?
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