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  1. ah like I thought and often been told I'm vata-pitta any tip from your side?
  2. Bombay/ Mumbai. I was born in India.. spent a lot of time out of here.. now a spiritual calling pulled me back . I'll say this.. Do Suryanamaskars.. (Google it.. ) It has 10-13 (Antagonistic) Asanas depending on variation. And the sequence pretty much hits every muscle group in your body... PS: I ask anyone here to try them out and see how the feel after.. Its wierdly burning and energizing .. Anyways.. I dont see a point in debating or proving how effective / good it is. Try it for a few weeks and then tell me how they feel. Simple as that folks Whats a got online test? PS: Just noticed that pink .. is that an Indian outfit? Sorry my mistake. Do you know a GOOD online test, you were on about? I know the 12 asanas surya namaskar with the diving feature, it builds up a got strenght in the upper area. in the picture, yes thats an indian dress I was wearing during my stay in India. my best friend lend it to me.
  3. Mizzorunner, I know it is very hard to live with a constant eating disorder, but to be honest to you. You are too skinny even in the last pictures. If you wanna be ripped and muscular you need to eat small portions of food (1 palm size fatfree protein & 1 palm size complex carbo) at least six times a day! Your body need to built up again the muscle mass and therefore it needs fuel aka FOOD, its all gone. Too much cardio will make you even more skinny and not muscular (stop at 40minutes!). You should concentrate on weight lifting at least 3 times a week and EATING. Without frequently eating you won't reach that goal. Please think about an appointment at a psychologist before starting training. I struggeled with this as a teenager as well. You need a therapist!
  4. Hey there, I'm new to bodybuilding and just got to know about creatin. It shooked me a bit because pure creatin is only in meat and fish. Creatin is essential for loosing fat and gaining muscles. So do you think it is generally more difficult to gain more mucles for a vegan/vegetarian, compared to those bodybuilders who live basically on meat and fish?? neverthelees I'm 100% vegan and will stay that way..... always and 4ever..... The contra is that creatin is mainly produced in the liver, kidneys and pancreas of the human body and for that you need those aminoacids regulary and in large amounts: Arginine, Glycnine and Methionine those aminoacids are mainly (good amounts) found in oatmeals, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, lentils. anything else? compared to meat, dairy and fish the amount is less and that means you have too eat more of the vegan choices. maybe supplements would be important for vegans to achieve better goals? right now I'm taking vitamins, minerals A to Z and silica........ Anyways that topic is really interesting and I will look for some studies now.... hehe....
  5. You've migrated to India? Where? Cool, I love India too. I do Yoga but you are right I should do it more frequently, it is really the best for a woman - physically and emotionally. Do you know a got online test?
  6. You are an inspiration for every woman! Amazing! I just have too look at your pictures and than I know everything is possible!
  7. http://files.myopera.com/THORPMB/albums/924660/CoreExercise21.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_GRkr3KeX3Kg/SuXrvkYXGsI/AAAAAAAAAH0/3eGDV8ly1es/s200/bodyrock.tv.png http://www.bodyrock.tv/ Btw she just went vegetarian...great!
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