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  1. Wrists. About 5 years ago I had some pretty weak wrists from poor typing a guitar technique, which became strong and good over a period of a year. And then aprrox 2 months ago (while I was making great progress with handstand pressup training) I bailed hard on my cycle and my wrists are poor again. Taking a very long time to come right. I do always seem to be injuring myself though.
  2. Hey bro, thanks for checking up on me Yeah I am still around and still training in various forms. I have actually almost two weeks ago moved from Auckland to Melbourne, Australia, which meant I cancelled the gym membership and until I get a job will stay away from paying for the luxury of a gym. I had also been getting to Silk classes ocassionally which was great, and are super upper body and core workouts. Aside from that I had been stuck with masses of work plus lots of music related business, I think I averaged 5 hours sleep for about 6 weeks for a while. The timing of the move and subsequent break from trainings was actually pretty good as I'm pretty sure I cracked a rib a week before leaving, the morning of this performance (I come in at 3:40 - my 15 seconds of fame - and looking quite skinny here actually...): http://tvnz.co.nz/good-morning/extra-071112-plum-video-5201566 The rib injury meant my usual pullups and all upper body work-outs were out of the question until recently, but now I have however been cycling a lot, running, and working on my calisthenics. I also discovered a local set of free bouldering walls, and am planning setting up a climbing rope and pull up bar in a park at the end of my street. Also decided to join the Tough Mudder this summer so am very motivated to train for that. Today I jumped into a two hour Parkour class (there are actually structured outdoor training sessions here, cheap and with a good crew), and am planing a bunch of calisthenics for the evening. Just finished off a mean power packed green/banana/berry smoothie. Some example weights from my last couple of gym sessions almost a month ago now: Deadlift (80kg, mechanical machine - Jetts gym) - 5-5-5-5-6 Curl (25kg BB) - 16-7-4 Squat (smith) 62.5kg - 5x5 \m/
  3. Industrial Rope Access What an interesting thread
  4. I run in Dunlop Volleys, but I guess that's not what you're after. But still, I love 'em.
  5. For NZ have a look at this list: http://www.vegetarian.org.nz/content/food-and-nutrition/wines-and-beer/ A lot of wines in NZ state on the label if they use eggs or other 'traditional' methods, however despite popular rumour this does not mean that if they don't state this they are vegan. I emailed a bunch of beer breweries a few years ago, can't remember much from that except Vistoria Bitter is not vegan, and speights is vegan. Also I believe some spirits and vodkas are not vegan also. There is also this list: http://www.barnivore.com/liquor
  6. kum nye is a tibetan practice, similar to yoga, i picked up a routine from a book called 'waking up for beginners' and found it to be an excellent daily practice. These days howevee i do tend to neglect it as I spend a lot of time and energy between yoga, gym, work and play. I have been really happy with my muscle memory, and also think I will try from my next gym visit to keep a live workout log here instead of in my notebook. I do wish tapatalk worked well for my phone though.
  7. Hey mate, Well I took 8 weeks of little training while I had a half sleeve tattoo done. Now right back into it. After the eight weeks I can't say I've noticed much of a drop in strength which is good. Presently into a 5x5 program every second day and trying to increase my yoga, Kum Nye and Calisthenics. Also occassionally heading down to a Nastix (nastix.weebly.com) class every now and again. Those silks are tough work! I have been meaning to post my workout logs here so will get back into that next training session. Meanwhile I've gotta go eat again!
  8. Sorry man, didn't take any pics. It was great! However I used a very thick coconut cream and should have used a little more and added more water instead, I also added more chilli.
  9. Mean. This is simmering on the stove right now. Thanks for the share.
  10. It might pay to up those sets a bit. Why 8 reps per set?
  11. I take in extra protein, and L-Glutamine also, I was curious about whether it'd help to add Creatine, will get some at some point to give it a go.
  12. I think you'd be able to suss out a pretty tidy 5x5 compound program using only dumbbells. Squats, overhead presses, bench presses, curls. Plus use bodyweight movements - pullups, dips, pressups.
  13. Tell me about it. Over February and March I must have visited the gym around four times, and now I'm lifting more than I was when I left off. Yesterdays workout: Warm-up row machine - 3min Squats (Smith machine) 70kg 5x5 Military Press 30kg 5x5 Curls - 20kgx30 25kgx6 20kgx10 Chinups x3 Treadmill x5 mins 10-13km/h Yoga/stretching Those curls have left my biceps hating me, and the squats being 5kg higher than last time was great.
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