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  1. I hate a weak flavored hummus. Give me some with lots of garlic and some spice please. When I make chicpeas I usually reserve some to make a pile of hummus. Homemade hummus is the shiz.
  2. I love to hike and enjoy the nature around me. The only mountains near me are the Smoky Mountains which I call hills. I lived in Colorado for a short spell. Now those were mountains. I've only ever done two trails on two mountains and I don't remember the name of the one I climbed in California but I like mountain hiking. Its a very nice change from trail hiking around a lake or big hills.
  3. I understand the balancing act between yin and yang but what makes a person a yin or a yang, this is where my confusion is. Thanks.
  4. Oh I'm sure I'm eating more than enough. I love food. I will try slowing down on the lifting to see if this works. Would you suggest slowing down on amount of days working each body part but doing more sets on each body part when lifting?
  5. I work every muscle group three times a week. For example, I will work my legs every other day and incorporate a chest/back day on two of those days. And every other day I will work my arms. Abs get thrown in whenever. I rest one day a week and cardio is almost everyday and ranges from 30 mins to 1hr. I do 3x10 on everything. I just started BB back in May. I've seen growth and continue to see growth even though it is starting to slow down. I'm sure that i'm not doing something right somewhere. I am female and it seems that I find more information out there for men than women. Can I do the same BB work as men or is there something better out there for women? Any tips on how to get bigger? I know there are supplements out there but I really don't want to take any of them. Thanks.
  6. That was the most absurd video I have ever seen. Please, please let me not ever see it again.
  7. And how do you workout around your schedule? I used to work 3rd shift for years as a baker and just worked out in the morning. Currently I am not working and my schedule is open but I will be looking for work again soon. Just wondering how some of you who have families fit everything in.
  8. Last night I had a slice of vegan marble cake. So nutritious I know......
  9. I just realized this morning that I am eating excess carbohydrates by pairing up beans and bread. I didn't realize how many carbs were in a serving of beans. 20g. While tofu has about 2g of carbs and seitan is relatively small too in the carb category. Now I know why I'm not losing any weight. I'm not gaining either. So I need to kick the bread, use rice and beans as my carbs and tofu/seitan as my protein. I also need to get more veggies into my diet. I thought I was eating enough but I guess not. We'll see how this goes.
  10. I can tell a difference in most of the organic produce and beans that I eat. Especially in fruits and beans. Greens not as much. We eat a shit ton of beans and rice in my house. When I switched to organic, I could tell just from looking at the beans how much better they were. I buy organic as much as possible. If the budget is really tight then I buy what I feel to be most important as far as organic. Putting less crap into your system now will pay off later when you get older. There are too many people in my family taking 10+ perscription pills everyday for various reasons and I refuse to ever be that way.
  11. I despise Monsanto. They are out to take all the seeds. Genetically modify them so you can only ever use their seed. Some foods that they have already modified you can't save the seed and replant because the seeds are steril. They are responsible for most of the pesticides on our foods. They have their hands so deep in government its horrific. They make deals with other countries with their seeds which leave the farmers sick or poor. Farmers can't grow the seeds that they used to because of these deals that their governments have made. Many of these seeds that the farmers used to grow are seeds that have been around for millenia. Mostly different types of wheat seeds. Half the United States government has worked for them or goes to work for them. They are in bed with Bayer, Round Up and Dupont. I'm sure there are more but I can't remember at the mo'. Buy organic foods and plant organic seeds, PLEASE. Don't buy foods that are genetically modified if you can help it. There are so many documentaries on Monsanto. Go out and rent them. Be educated against this horrible company.
  12. I always soak for 10 - 12 hours sometimes longer if I don't get to them sooner. Rinse the beans after draining. Then cook in fresh water, uncovered for 40 mins. I do this with all beans no matter what kind.
  13. What's the point in spending the money on organic, gluten-free cake if it's not vegan and you are a vegan? Can't have your own wedding cake. If you are going to do that you might as well have had a normal wedding cake. geez. dummass
  14. I am the only one in a family of meat eaters. I've been vegetarian for 5 years and vegan for 1 and still to this day whenever we have get togethers they don't get it. I even offer to bring my own food and enough to share so they don't have to feel obligated to make something ( that will end up being wrong ). But then they get offended that I've brought food but if I didn't bring food I would have been the only one not eating the whole time.
  15. I always heard that eating before you go to sleep stores the food into fat cells since the metabolism is slow at this point in time. Don't know how true that is. I find that I am better off eating up to two hours before I go to sleep.
  16. I highly recommend baking your seitan. Boiling it tastes kinda nasty in my opinion. That was the first time i ever made it. After that I started baking it instead. I mix my spices and stuff into the gluten. Wet it with vegetable broth and after it is all mixed I pound it like dough for 5 mins. Wrap it tight in foil and bake it 375degrees for about 45 -60 mins. Turning it over halfway through the baking. This makes the seitan sturdy enough to cut thin slices for a philly cheezesteak or thick slices for a sandwich.
  17. Mexican food is so easy to veganise and its tastes so great fresh. I love, love, love pico de gallo. I can eat it all day long. Burritos with beans, or what I did the other day was cut up yellow squash and cook it with green pepper, onion, garlic and cilantro. A little salt and pepper and your done. Soooo good.
  18. I stir fry marinated tofu in a blend of soysauce, garlic and onion powder. Or, pan fry marinated tofu in a blend of water and soysauce then fry with a little canola oil. Add fresh garlic or garlic powder, onion powder, hot curry powder or other spices. I make chocolate mousse with silken tofu by blending up the tofu and melting dark, sometimes flavoured dairy free chocolate on low and then blending that in with the tofu. You usually have to add some agave syrup to it for sweetness. I recommend vanilla flavoured agave.
  19. I agree with the nuts and seeds. They are calorie dense. They also give you more "good" fat. As for protein, you can always try quinoa, tofu (non-gmo) and beans.
  20. If you live in the Nashville, Tennessee metro area or in Rutherford county I run a small business company named ChrisPaulCreations. The products are made using natural and organic ingredients. Cakes, cookies and breakfast items. Delivery is available. Almost everything is vegan, by almost I mean that only a few of the products contain white chocolate chips which have milk ingredients but can be taken out for the item to be made vegan. There are NO added preservatives to anything I make. If you are interested please go to ChrisPaulCreations
  21. I'm a late day eater. It's probably not the best thing but it helps me keep my calories in check and I am never hungry in the morning. I have no set stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner but this is what I typically eat on a daily basis. Stir fried tofu with a medly of veggies brown rice and beans ( any type ) oatmeal w/dried currants or a tsp of jam vegetarian indian food ( use your imagination here. I live off of indian food almost daily )
  22. I've been doing intense cardio both in the mornings on an empty stomach and in the afternoons after having had a meal or two that day( not on the same day). I feel I actually get better results working out on an empty stomach, then coming home and eating something light. But thats just me.
  23. I guess I'm the shortest so far. 4'11" or 59" or 119cm
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