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  1. I didn't know you had so many health issues and damage from them. Personally I don't trust mainstream medicine, I think they just help people manage to cope with illness through prescription drugs for decades, instead of curing anything. I listen to the Gary Null radio show religiously and I remember alot of shows he names many natural supplements and foods that can help promote joint health, but I can't recall them since that info never pertained to me. You may want to check out one of his books from a local library he has compiled alot of good holistic advice and treatments over his decades long career. His The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing should cover all those conditions. No offense, but I would not put much hope in a mainstream doctor curing anything. Mainstream medical care is good if your finger gets chopped out, you ice it, they can sew it back. But they suck for chronic care. You are gonna have to do some research in my opinion if you want to get better and not rely on your doctor. I have watched my grandma who believes with utter faith in doctors just deteriorate worse and worse after every new procedure, operation and prescription. For these reasons I would go for a local holistic practitioner and solution. Anyway hope you get better.
  2. I used to be a junk food vegan till I started listening to Gary Null's radio show. He is a health expert, author, dietician, organic farmer and general renaissance man who champions a vegan diet, holistic healing, etc. Daily on air he reads a few studies on the latest in health and nutrition, especially ones that prove the potential benefits of a healthy vegan diet. Most vegans though seem to be vegan for moral and ethical reasons so I don't think health benefits will sway them. Food is really a social construct, we are raised to accept certain things as food by family, advertising and school. Michael Pollan developed a simple axiom: "eat real food, mostly plants." Unfortunately today corporations are what control the construct of what we consider food or not, and alot of what they are branding as food is of dubious nutritional value. So it is vital that in our epoch we don't take for granted the "food" we are eating, because unfortunately that is often likely to be an unhealthy construct of dubious use to humanity that just adds to some corporate bottom line. Some of the suggestions for unhealthy things to avoid that I have implemented in my diet: 1. no white sugar, no agave, etc. (He advocates honey which I what I use currently but I also use dates alot for shakes and I may try panela natural sugar.) 2. no salt (He advocates using one part lime juice and one part lemon juice as a healthy salt substitute. He also read a study on one program championing Himalayan pink salt, which I don't use, however I do sometimes use Celtic Sea Salt) 3. no breads 4. no highly processed foods (tofu is a go, soy burgers, chips and such a no) 5. no vegetable or other unhealthy oils 6. no margarine 7. no coffee which has toxins, spikes your insulin and too much caffeine(Instead use tea which is actually a great antioxidant and healthy. Also he once read a study about Swiss or German researchers who created some filtered coffee beans that have the toxins removed and only the healthy, beneficial portions of the bean intact. I don't know what ever came of this, but I hope it is commercialized soon since while I have gotten over my coffee addiction I still miss the taste.) 8. avoid inorganic foods(I do not follow this one so much due to cost unfortunately.) Here are some quick fix healthy vegan staples in my diet: 1. peanuts mixed with raisins 2. unstrained homemade cashew nutmilk made in vitamix 3. Scottish cut oatmeal(I really like the texture most of this cut of oatmeal), with cashew nutmilk and honey 4. pre-peeled and boiled chestnuts sold at a local fruit store 5. avocados(easy to peel less effected by pesticides) 6. bananas(too easy to peel) 7. Shakes made in my vitamix, unfortunately they mostly taste bad because I use whatever is in the fridge with little rhyme or planning Are there are any other healthy vegans on this forum?(There doesn't seem to be many.) What are some of your quick fix, healthy food staples?(Not stuff that you have to cook for a long period or that take too much preparation.)
  3. You have to know someone that knows technique and theory to tell you what to do as a coach or read someone who does. If you just "go out and lift", as you incorrectly portray things, it will end up in failure. And el flaco is definitely one of the biggest assholes here.
  4. @el_flaco: Stop being a trolling ass. You say I am insulting but that is what you are. The fact is that when people ask for advice I do a better job of giving it in the two threads you accuse me of insulting the solicitors, then you since you are so busy trolling after me. That is because unlike you I actually consult experts and read their books rather than think I can do anything since everything is equally valid in your world. And Starting Strength is a book on coaching weightlifting. The author even certifies people to do this. @boardn10: You have too many different lifts in your program. Too many of them greatly overlap in muscle groups and function as well. When you keep switching to different lifts it is harder to know if you are making linear progress. The Starting Strength routine has much fewer lifts and goes: Mon.: Squat, Bench, Deadlift Wed.: Squat, Press, Power Cleans Fri.: repeat Monday's routine All exercises are done for 3 sets of 5 reps. The rest of the days of the week are rest. One rest day between each workout and after Friday you get two days. The following Monday you start again repeating Wednesday program and continuing alternating between the two routines. I have no idea why you say you have great problems about soreness. It could be because alot of the excercises you do involve the same muscle groups. In the routine I mentioned above the days you Press and Bench are kept seperate because they tax alot the same muscle groups. You also don't do deadlifts everyday like squat, because deadlifts are the most taxing. Personally I notice that when I leave off, missing several workouts for a while and come back to lifting I especially get soreness in my hamstrings while squatting. My bro discovered this book The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook and I have since learned that that hamstring soreness is from trigger points in that area. Basically trigger points are knots in muscle fibers that if massaged or pressed upon start to unknot, relieving the pain.
  5. @el_flaco: Are you joking? Go to a gym and see what others are doing and emulate them? Thankfully in my basement we have a power rack, bench, Olympic bumper plates and regular plates. So I don't have to waste my time at gyms full of useless specialized machines or have to wait for the squat or power racks to be unused, as if there are any or many at most gyms. Most people at these gyms have no clue how to work out, proper form, proper theory and listening to the hoi polloi there can only cause harm. Like I wrote before, most people who weightlift sadly are mislead by bodybuilding crap theory which comes from the elite bodybuilders who are walking chemical experiments. The guys who are successful and pulling dumbells behind their ears because Ronnie Coleman did it are compensating with drugs or they are the type of genetic freaks that have great natural recovery ability. Either way they are not making the progress they could with correct theory. There are different systems and ways of doing things than Starting Strength. My bro did Olympic weightlifting with an Olympic coach at a local university. In about a year his bodyweight shot up from 170 something pounds to 220. The difference between him and me was that he was consistent, dedicated and had a coach to chastise him for missing workouts. According to bodybuilding pop theory it takes a year to add roughly 10lb of muscular bodyweight. so he must have been doing steroids as such gains are not possible otherwise. But bodybuilding is total crap that is misleading most people. There are effective protocols like Starting Strength, various powerlifting routines, Olympic lifting routines, etc., but the bodybuilding world is nowhere to take any influence from. @boardn10: That is false because the body is a total system where each part interacts with others as a complete whole. Different muscles are connected with others into muscle groups, which often have overlap, are connected to ligament and bone, with connections to nerves that provide hookup to the brain that controls the muscles. So it is a total neuromuscular system. And this total system can only endure so much fatigue and only perform so much recovery afterward. Thus it is more prudent to do only big compound exercises that hit as many disparate muscles as possible and never do it to complete failure. Especially do not go to failure when you cannot do the next rep and do breakdowns, where you backtrack to a lower weight like Mentzer mentioned and go to failure again, ad nauseum. If you are so fatigued it is probably because of the above approach.
  6. If you think telling people who don't know correct training theory the truth is an insult you have big problems. The bigger insult is to allow them to continue the path they are on, without knowing bodybuilders like Mentzer whose books they follow, didn't need theory because they relied on chemicals to overcome their ignorance. Yet those type of bodybuilders when metering out advice in books or articles always leave out their biggest and only effective secret.
  7. There is a right and wrong on issues like this, not everyone being equally right like you imagine. There is correct training theory which hardly anyone knows and popularized crap from bodybuilders that has everyone lifting and quitting after a few weeks or months from seeing no progress. Mike Mentzer who boardn10 is citing was a disciple of Arthur Jones, the man who ruined the once well established barbell lifting culture of the USA with his Nautilus machines. Personally I know correct training theory and correct technique, my problem has always been lack of dedication and commitment. I always stop lifting for a few months, a year, miss workouts and I keep having to work up back to where I was before. Lately I have had to climb back from not lifting for a year due to becoming vegetarian and vegan. Also I have transitioned to healthy vegan which is even more difficult. I use to rely on eating almost exclusively my mom's cooking and and pre-packaged microwave crap with meat, and I still have not adapted.
  8. boardn10. sorry to say but you know nothing of good training theory. You should really look into reading the book Starting Strength. I have tried Mike Mentzer's crappy HIT system and read one of his books. The bottom line is he was a steroided up bodybuilder, so he didn't know or need to know training theory. Like all bodybuilders he compensates his ignorance in the field by resorting to chemical help. The worst of it all is that while bodybuilding is not a popular sport to watch, its chemical experiment freaks have managed to distort totally what good training theory is and isn't. The body and mind are total neuromuscular system. So saying Monday is back day, Thursday is arm day, is a false paradigm, a fruitless path. General guidelines for good training: exhaust the neuromuscular system by doing big compound exercises and give at least one day of rest. Also don't go to failure and do negatives which are too taxing, you just want to breakdown your muscles enough to grow, not have your body spend all its effort, natural HGH and recuperation at regenerating yourself to the level you were before this over exertion.
  9. If you did bodybuilding type exercises and used muscle magazine false training theory for 20 years that will get you nowhere, no matter how hard you try. The only way for most non-freaks to make progress like that is by becoming a chemical-pharmacological lab. But if you persist in the big exercises like you mentioned: deadlifts, squats, cleans then you should make strength gains and pack on muscular bodyweight provided you learn proper form, programming, nutrition.
  10. Tried Walnut nutmilk (unstrained) = thick and nasty tasting @vegimator: Where do you buy hemp to use in nutmilk? I never saw any. @katz: To make a batch a day or every two to get in extra calories, it takes too much time, maybe you just do it less often so you perceive it that way. To do strained, I have to put the hemp nutmilk strainer bag in a bowl, then pour the blended contents in. Then wait around 10 minutes till about half of it passes on its own from gravity and I have to spend at least five minutes to squeeze the rest through. After that I have to pour into another container and clean up. Compared to unstrained where I just have to clean the blender, I have to now clean the blender, bowl and nutmilk bag.
  11. What he is doing is very bad deadlift form and he knows it or he else he wouldn't take the time to upload it and ask here. It seems like he was never taught good form and just started lifting. The video that chewybaws posted will teach him to get in the correct start position, at least.
  12. Actually I saw that whole video covering Chinese fur farms. I wish I didn't though. At the end you can see the poor animal totally skinned, still alive and dumped onto a pile containing the carcasses of his already expired brethren. The poor thing writhes in pain, with its skin totally removed but still has the presence of mind to look into the camera before it finally dies. Anyway it is not really good to watch stuff like that, it can only make you very depressed and ashamed of being part of a species that thinks it can play God. But it is a good idea to try to challenge fur wearers and meat eaters to watch in your place. FYI, I just learned that according to the infamous Wikipedia BME Pain Olympics video is fake, filmed using actors and prosthetics..
  13. That is really funny that you claim to be so knowledgeable and cite arguments from authority via attending Islamic studies and interacting with so many muslims. Even funnier that after allegedly having all that exposure that you have no knowledge that Islam is not comparable to Christianity, Judaism or any religion, as such, because it is not mere religion. Further you know what muslims are like as a tiny and rather puny few million minority in the 310 million USA, where they cannot mitigate for the Sharia provisions of their total system that encompasses every facet of life. You do not know what it is like countries with muslim majority populations that have full or semi-sharia where non-muslims are second class, scorned citizens. Islam is millenarian, militant and power seeking. Yyou could build a government from mosques, Islamic source texts and a body of faithful, there are many Islamic Republics. I do not support more new mosques being built which will serve as centers of lawfare, warfare, centers for the enslavement of women, among other retrograde things supported in Islam. Islam is stuck in the 7th Century CE when it was created because the source texts like the Koran and Sahih Bukhari, Shahih Muslim are considered immutable and constantly being referred to -- keeping Islamic societies trapped in a time warp with little evolution(except the externally imposed). Further a mosque which mitigates for the propagation of Sharia by its very nature also implies the Sharia provisions of inequality for non-muslims. I am not keen on muslim lawfare pushing for special rights exclusively for muslims on the route for more small victories over the unbelievers.
  14. Fallen_Horse: Let me know when you can come with something other than projecting your values onto another civilization, that absolutely does not have the same values. Cultural anthropologists always say that a given society can only think in its own terms and concepts and transpose these concepts to other societies when analyzing them. All your doing is accusing me of racism because you cannot handle what Islam really entails and accept it in your mind. Or telling me not to discriminate, but the whole muslim world-view is based on discriminating between believers that form the community of the faithful, called ummah, who are to mitigate against the unbeliever infidels until Islam has full dominion over the world as ordained in the Koran. You can't demonstrate that you know anything about Islam. Or why it is not the same as the Christianity you are probably used to.
  15. I am sorry but you are just writing and whacking at the keyboard from ignorance. To give perspective my family is all from Greece and they tried to raise me Greek Orthodox, but failed and I went atheist for a bit before turning Buddhist. Briefly I attended Catholic school and I remember one day sitting in Church and they handed me a piece of a Styrofoam like substance and I asked what it was during that mass. I got sent to the principal's office for that, since being raised Greek Orthodox in our rites we always used real bread to represent the body of Christ and not this fake Styrofoam imitation, which I didn't know I was supposed to eat. The differences between Christian sects are like this, they are doctrinal and ritualistic. For example in the Greek Orthodox Church I used to attend as a child the liturgy was always read in its Koine Greek original form(which modern Greeks can understand most of), but the Priest used to give the sermon in modern Greek though. The differences between sects of Islam though are much deeper, from jurisprudence in what what Islamic source texts they emphasize above others to render Sharia law. You cannot compare Islam to a religion, because what Westerners conceive as a personal religion is only a small part of what Islam really is. Islam is really the most retrograde force in this world, apostates from Islam are to be killed. But sometimes they get off easy, their family and community just disown them. If 20% of the American population ever was to be muslim they would start to mitigate for even more special rights or increased lawfare, the spread of sharia over us, the subsidy of mosques(the barracks, court, education center of parallel Islamic centers of authority vying against the US government), terror attacks and death threat intimidation(like against Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park fame).
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