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  1. Your chest and shoulders have improved alot. What are your lifting stats?
  2. I did it because I prefered it over beef, chicken, & turkey. I also thought it was healthier but then was eating tilapia because of the price, when it is an unhealthy fish.
  3. Yeah, atleast I can abstain from eating them.
  4. I own two cats and feel strange owning mostly carnivores as pets.
  5. Yes, but still prefer heavier weights so I spend less time lifting.
  6. Home. Buy a barbell and you can do nearly every kind of lift with it.
  7. Sunlight...? I've heard vegans say vegs tend to look pale but I'm tan skinned.
  8. He's a level 5 mage who learned resurrect.
  9. Take a three day gap inbetween them. I do regular deads because my hamstrings are bigger than my quads.
  10. Boost your metabolism with b-vitamins, magnesium, and water. Do compound lifts to burn more fat. I also cut cardio when I realised it's not needed for weight control.
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