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  1. Your chest and shoulders have improved alot. What are your lifting stats?
  2. I did it because I prefered it over beef, chicken, & turkey. I also thought it was healthier but then was eating tilapia because of the price, when it is an unhealthy fish.
  3. Yeah, atleast I can abstain from eating them.
  4. I own two cats and feel strange owning mostly carnivores as pets.
  5. Yes, but still prefer heavier weights so I spend less time lifting.
  6. Home. Buy a barbell and you can do nearly every kind of lift with it.
  7. Sunlight...? I've heard vegans say vegs tend to look pale but I'm tan skinned.
  8. He's a level 5 mage who learned resurrect.
  9. Take a three day gap inbetween them. I do regular deads because my hamstrings are bigger than my quads.
  10. Boost your metabolism with b-vitamins, magnesium, and water. Do compound lifts to burn more fat. I also cut cardio when I realised it's not needed for weight control.
  11. It's not an intelligent question, it's a lazy justification/cop-out for eating meat. It's not about back then, it's about now. 1) No more need for meat for protein or b-vitamins. 2) We can live long lives without it. 3) Build muscle without it. 4) Raise children on the diet. It's about necessity, empathy and compassion.
  12. How much cardio do you do? I'm doing HIIT for three days a week and losing fat, but not sure if it'll kill gains or burn enough fat to get to around 5-8% bf.
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pistachio Holy shit. I'm looking at it's wiki page and it even has b-vitamins in it.
  14. Thanks, just what I was looking for! .60 cents cheaper, about 20 bucks a month. Woo. The vitamin D in those is animal derived. How did you find out?
  15. I put pillows on my kitchen counter and use that as a squat rack. It ain't as tall as a real one, but it works untill I can afford something better.
  16. I use the exact same thing. Didn't know it was mostly organic.
  17. Weighted crunches with 25 pound dumbbells. Not sure if it's working because I still have bodyfat.
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