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  1. Oh actually I don't have any shakes. I eat all that breakfast stuff in a bowl. I went through a protein/fruit shake phase but they make me feel a bit sick or they just taste bad and I've tried two different ones. Also, protein bars are too expensive for me- they are around $3.80 a bar and I just can't afford that on top of all my other food. I tried to leave out the potato, but they just fill the stomach so well and I need that to stop from bingeing. I hate almonds. And on the other hand with smoothies, I'm going to be at uni alot so obviously I can't make smoothies at uni. I need things I can take with me. Thank you for your suggestions guys
  2. By the way, that was what I ate yesterday but not what I eat every day (besides the breakfast, I eat tha every day). Sometimes there's more protein like beans or mock meat.
  3. Breakfast: 1 banana a cup of mango 3/4 cup mixed berries 2.5 tablespoons soy yoghurt tablespoon chia seeds tablespoon flax seeds handful of goji berries (all mixed together) Workout Snack maybe some cashews Snack either a wholemeal pasta dish or brown rice dish with vegetables (for carb cravings) Snack 2 vegan "chicken" steamed buns Dinner 2 tacos (tofu, mushroom, salsa, lettuce, sometimes beans) Baked potato w vegan cream cheese Thanks finah
  4. Since working out (to lose weight and for general fitness, but mainly to lose 10 kilos) I find myself needing to eat alot all day. At the beginning I was trying to stay under 1500 calories but it was really killing me and I'd end up binge eating after dinner because my body would be screaming. Now I've been having about 5 portions a day, coming up to maybe around 1800 calories and I feel better. I do mainly circuit training workout videos (some are half an hour long, some are an hour) every day. Can I still lose weight like this? I feel like I couldn't eat any less I'm female, 23, 5 ft 7.
  5. Thanks for your replies and that article was really interesting. However, I started this thread because I noticed mine actually getting bigger and I want it to stop.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Sorry, with the travel I meant travel to uni- it's about an hour and a half each way, so sometimes by the time I get home I'm just like BLAH! And feel like I just want to sit. But next semester I will have early moring starts (8:30am) meaning I will have to exercise at night some days.
  7. How do I avoid making that bigger? On guys it looks like a hump and that's all well and good, but not very feminine. What exercises are used to make that bigger so I know what NOT to do? Thanks
  8. Hey there I've been vegan for over 2 years and initially I lost weight from this (I was a bit chunky before that). To lose even more weight I found it most efficient to cut out meals altogether and have snacks throughout the day instead (or small meals). Eventually I got lazy and went back to the 3 meals and stacked on about 10 kilos! So now I'm back and I'm not only trying to get rid of the 10 kilos but I've decided I would like to be really fit and toned. I have many many workout videos that I use (I find plain training really boring so I can't stick with it) including those from the Biggest Loser team and trainers (bootcamp, circuit training, plyometric stuff etc) and these are REALLY good. They kill me in a good way. Most of it is mixed strength and cardio so I don't really need to lift weights anyway. Anyway so I bought some Vital Greens, Pea Protein and Soy Protein and I'm trying to eat under 1000 calories a day for the weight loss factor. I can't afford to buy any protein bars (I'm a student) or any other specialty stuff so it's basically what I've said and normal foods. I'm currently in the phase where this is really new (working out hard with a change in diet) and there have been times where I've completrly depleted my carb stores (I think, because I felt horrible!) and had to learn that I need certain things before and after workouts. I was wondering how other University students go with their fitness amongst travel and a high study load? I'm basically looking for advice about how to play the nutrition as a student e.g. is it better to workout before uni? after? should I take protein shake to uni to have during the day? what foods do I need to MAKE sure I'm getting? Do I have complex carbs (like oats?) before every workout and simple carbs (fruit) AFTER every workout? Should I have a multivitamin AS WELL as vital greens? Yeah...so many questions. I've tried to answer them myself and I've watched the Vegan Fitness DVD too. But I guess I'd rather talk to people about it.
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