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  1. Thanks for the welcomes everyone:). Didnt realise there would be so many Scots on here, im from Dundee just now but looking to move to Glasgow soon. I used to train martial arts in Kirkcaldy.
  2. cheers for the welcome JasonX:).
  3. vega wholefood optimizer is probably my favorite non soya protein powder, i have used a few rice protein powders but they were unflavoured and hemp seed although good is a nightmare to try get down also, tastes horrible in my opinion.
  4. My teeth used to be quite yellow from past smoking, theres an old ayuverdic therapy called oil pulling which you swish oil around in your mouth, a common benefit everyone seems to have is that is makes there teeth white and improves gum health. Watch where you spit the oil out though, not down the drain as it clogs and is full of bacteria and other nastys.
  5. Its really the dairy and meat industry that spread so much crap about soya in my opinion. Phytoestrogens always get the blame, the crazy part is many other commonly ate foods contain phytoestrogens do they make everyone gay too. People really dont understand phytoestrogens either, they are weak acting estrogens which block the receptor sites up so more harmful estrogens arent absorbed.
  6. Hey everyone, nice forum i didnt realise the site had a forum attached to it doh. Im a 23 year old male vegan bodybuilder from Scotland, my passions are bodybuilding, martial arts(mainly muay thai) and herbology/natural healing. Look forward to contributing and getting to know you guys.
  7. peanut butter is just crazy i dont think my sluggish liver is thanking me much, i went through a jar earlier by "mistake" lol.
  8. Try channeling that anger into harder workouts, i used to be the same and taking up boxing and martial arts really helped me release that anger.
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