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  1. I order these by the 12-pack at Amazon. Love them. I actually just got a Vitamix today and was going to experiment trying to duplicate these bars myself. Could take a while to get the quantities right though haha. Avoiding soy, and still getting enough protein, is always a challenge for me. Between Sun Warrior and these bars, it helps quite a bit.
  2. Based on some of the earlier posts, I picked up a bag of Sunwarrior unsweetened/natural powder today. I really like that it's totally "raw whole grain sprouted". I've also been using Peaceful Planet vanilla rice protein powder, and it's pretty good.
  3. Hi Everyone, I found this site last night when I did a Google search for "peanut butter flour". I was excited to see there was a forum of helpful people, informative discussions, and a place to share each others experiences. I'm in the process of transitioning from pescatarian to vegan and have many of the same dietary & lifestyle questions that I see many other people posting. There are a certain group of regulars here that I've been following over the last day, and I appreciate your helpful responses to questions. I'm also a bit of a techie geek and administer the forums at AndroidCentral dot com, so I'm familiar with and enjoy forums. Thanks for letting me participate in your community! Cory
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