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  1. Just picked up some mixed dried beans and realised while waiting for the bus I won't be able to have a McDonald's Mars milkshake
  2. I will do Iv ordered a bit of soy protein to replace my whey for post work out and breakfast. I'll check out your blog
  3. Hay, I'm a very new Vegan (just in the last few days) but I have been veggie before. I am a student about to go onto a three year degree course and I'm interested in body-building and over the last few months I have began to take it seriously and get exercise and diet all in the right place (with noticeable results my girlfriends says ). BUT just as I get my diet sorted out (plenty a chicken, tuna, mince and dairy products) I watch a documentary on TV about Veganism and after a few weeks of thinking about it I have made the change and have to redo all my diet plans I'm pretty sure I can do it but there's something I'm worried about and that's money. I will have around £30 to spend (around $46 US dollars) So any money saving vegan muscle building tips would be lovely I wont to stop cruelty to animals and I wont to build muscle and I need someone to talk to about it. That persons you. Cheers Joe
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