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  1. Coming up on 20 years of vegetarianism and 13 being vegan.
  2. http://getdrunknotfat.com/
  3. i went to school for nutrition in nh! keene, where do you live? also, welcome! enteral/parental nutrition formulary was my one of my favorite things about college.
  4. sounds like a great idea, i'll have to take some pictures tomorrow! er, later today!
  5. naw, this is one you are going to want to cook. as for avoiding nightshades, it isn't something i do. i know people do it for various reason, but there isn't any scientific evidence that can convince me of that.
  6. Do you have epilepsy? I am curious as to why you'd pursue this diet plan otherwise...
  7. be careful! i did a huge project on this as part of my undergrad!
  8. i'm an rd and i can tell you that's some serious shit.
  9. acne.org products are vegan! clearisil is tested on animals.
  10. welcome! i'm your neighbor over in RI.
  11. favorite brand? none seem to match my homemade stuff.
  12. i hate how even on vegan boards i still have to be inundated with non vegan shit.
  13. i've been doored. i've fractured my orbital. i've had things yelled/thrown at me. ugh.
  14. no matter much weight you loose you might never achieve a gap between your legs! especially if you want massive thighs!
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