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  1. Hey sys, are you gonna upgrade this to phpbb3 or what? This seems....old.
  2. OMG ROTFL @ the comments in this thread So soy gets a middle finger I s'pose
  3. I hate it when I can't counter argue my mates on the B-12 part I really love vegan food and I'm proud to a vegan too. Anyways, when I checked my B12 levels, it was around like 400. And the best part is I don't take supplements . That was like 4-5 months before tho.
  4. Yep, soaking will make it much more easier, that's what I do too.
  5. Yep, looking forward to be active but the damn moderation rule.. Just kiddin'. Thanks Fission
  6. Wanted to say hi to y'all vegans. Wanna be an active part of this community. I'm a vegan since birth and always will be
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