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  1. Thanks katz, I'll look into Wobenzym. I'm not sure about this "google" thing you mention though . . .
  2. Hi folks, looking for some help here. Over the past month or so I've developed some pretty obnoxious wrist pain in my right wrist. I imagine it's from spending so much time at the computer (I'm a writer in a huge insurance company). I've had an ergonomic review, adjusted the way I sit and type, and I'm getting a special mouse. But the pain is getting in the way of my training; after 30 minutes or so of lifting my wrist aches badly, to the point where I have a hard time keeping my grip on the barbell or dumbell. There are also some moves I used to do that are just out the question for now (overhand bicep curl, for example). What can I do to alleviate the pain and recover? I'd rather not go to the doctor or take anything, so I'm more interested in stretching moves, ways to strengthen my wrist, and maybe even foods I should be including more heavily right now. Thanks, in advance!!
  3. LOL, thanks; she's a sweetheart (my daughter). Grad school for? I think I put in a total of 9 years in just grad school. Crazy, but fun.
  4. Greetings! I'm new to this site! Ovo-lacto for 19 years, and have been on the journey to a vegan diet for awhile now. I'd call myself an ovo (have completely given up eggs) but about 90% of my meals are vegan now. I've been active my whole life, but really slipped in grad school and upon landing my first (and current) job 11 years ago. Finally I got sick of feeling tired all the time and joined a gym. It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride since, but have just in the past three months gotten back into training pretty seriously. I'd like to lose some fat around my waist (wouldn't we all!) and put on some muscle, though my weight is about right for my height and build (around 169ish). Anyway, looking forward to getting to know everyone here!
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