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  1. I've tried coconut oil on my face and I broke out pretty bad. Some people swear by washing their face with oil but it just does not work for me. I've been using Beauty without cruelty products which I really like. Here's a link to the site: http://www.beautywithoutcruelty.com/ For deodorant I use this recipe: http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2008/03/update-homemade-deoderant.html
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if it's normal to go from being able to lift a lot of weight to not being able to lift a lot. For a few weeks I could not squat more then 95 lbs. I just physically could not do more. Previous to that I was able to squat 135 lbs. So last week I was testing my limits and I was easily able to squat 135 lbs. again. And today I did 5 x 5 at 135 lbs. plus I did 1 set of 5 at 145. Same with leg presses. I was at 190 lbs. then I couldn't go past 130 lbs. Today I'm back to 190 lbs. It was like this for all exercises but I really noticed a bigger weight difference on my leg exercises. I'm just confused on what's going on and if this is a normal occurrence? Thanks!
  3. You are going to want to increase your protein and calorie intake if you want to build more muscle. I find it hard to get everything I need in a day through food so protein shakes have been helpful. I'm sure others more knowledgeable then I will chime in. Good luck!
  4. That's a good idea to mix the two grains. I tried quinoa for breakfast on it's own and ate it like I would steel cut oats and I did not like it. However mixing the two might be the key to a great tasting and nutritious oatmeal. Thanks!
  5. The "crazies" don't bother me though isn't there a way to moderate known "crazies" messages to prevent them from being posted until they are approved or never approved for that matter? I wish there was more chatter here though especially about bodybuilding and what works for everyone.
  6. What a great idea! We need a new computer desk too. The only thing I wonder about is if it would work for our kids too. They would to stand on a stool to use the computer.
  7. Hi Robert, I love reading about your travels! You're doing a great job! I had requested your book to be ordered by our public library and I just received noticed that it's ready to be picked up! I can't wait to read it!
  8. I think many doctors worry about folic acid deficiency in women of reproductive age due to the fact that babies can be born with neural tube defects if the mother does not consume enough of it.
  9. Anyone know if this is just for the hemp protein or if this is for Nutiva's hemp hearts too? I found a great deal for a 5 lb bag of Nutiva hemp seed on Amazon, but don't want to buy it if it is not good quality seed. Thanks! I buy them and like them. The 3lb. bag is $0.01 cheaper per ounce then the 5 lb. bag though.
  10. Woohoo, there is a Loving Hut in Chicago! I'll need to check it out Thanks for posting!
  11. I honestly feel like it's hard to overeat on a clean whole foods vegan diet. I'm having a hard time putting on muscle too but I suspect it's because I am not eating enough even though I'm eating about six meals a day and I never deprive myself. I eat until I'm content and I honestly like eating that way! I was drinking a protein shake after my workouts which are 6 days a week but I've just started adding a protein shake right before bed based on a recommendation here and I'm hoping that will help me ingest more calories and build more muscle.
  12. I did the same workout today! The gym and most everywhere else is closed today so I went out and shoveled the front of my house and my neighbors. The snow drifts were about 3 feet deep!
  13. Great, thank you! I'll start adding a protein shake right before bed with the 30 grams of protein and 30-40g carbs and see if that helps! What carbs do you usually add?
  14. He doesn't say. The section title (page 118) is "nutrition immediately after exercise" of course he is an endurance athlete so maybe it's just for endurance but he doesn't specify that.
  15. I calculated my calorie intake once and I HATED it probably because I have to calculate every gram (literally) of food and drink my toddler puts into his mouth due to a metabolic disorder. So the thought of having to do it not only for him but for me I think takes me over the edge. Everyday I wake up thinking I'm going to start keeping track and I get as far as breakfast since I weigh out how many grams of hemp and chia seeds I put in my oatmeal but after that I just can't bring myself to do it. Obviously something needs to change though and I may have to suck it up and get over it.
  16. Hi, I am re-reading, The Thrive Diet and I noticed that Brendan Brazier recommends that the post recovery intake should be higher in carbs and lower in protein, a ratio of 4:1. The book says that if you have a greater amount of protein you will be slow to recover. Currently I'm drinking 30 grams of rice or hemp protein mixed in water with a small handful of dried fruit. So I'm wondering if I need to up my fruit intake? I plan to start eating dates as my dried fruit of choice but if I want the 4:1 ratio to apply I'd need to consume 7 dates to receive 120 grams of carbs. which = 462 calories which seems high. Does this sound right? If not I'd love to be enlightened. I feel like I'm not recovering as fast as I should, my body lately is always hurting which is affecting the amount of weight I can lift. I'm either in lots of pain when I lift or I need to drop my weight lower so I'm not in so much pain. So I'm wondering if I have my PWO food intake all wrong? TIA!
  17. That's great advice! I appreciate your help!
  18. I'm thinking about getting a lifting belt. I'm currently straight leg dead lifting 105 lbs. and squatting 150 lbs. I'm female, 5'4" and 125 lbs. I've done lots of online researching and I've read both sides, some people swear by belts and others swear against them. I'd love to know what everyone thinks here before I decide if I could benefit from one or not. TIA!
  19. I'm female, would I still want my testosterone levels checked?
  20. I've read that flax oil is great for joints and it's really good for you too! I had wrist pain for a while which went away in about a month from taking it easy with heavy weights for a couple of weeks and adjusting my grip.
  21. I get an upset stomach if I take too much protein powder at one time. I usually take 30 grams a protein powder with water in my post workout shake if I go over that I'll get bloated and my stomach will hurt for a while.
  22. I would love to see a sticky with a list of vegan supplements to take throughout the day including pre and post workout and the amounts recommended. Also listing where you could buy the supplements would be great! Maybe separate it into two sections for people who are cutting vs. bulking? And have it work for both females and males? Could this be done? I think it would help a lot of us who are newer to bodybuilding and even those who are newly vegan. Thanks!
  23. I use the adductor/ abductor machine, does that count as stretches? I usually use it as the last exercise on leg day. If that doesn't count, would stretching include things like sitting with my legs spread and reaching for my toes? If so should I do those now? Or wait until my groin heals? And I remember exactly when the pain started, my sister thought it would be a good idea for me to squat 135 lbs. even though I had not squat that heavy before (I just started doing squats about a month ago) and she made me do three sets of ten. I did it but it was brutal! I think her idea of what is light/heavy is skewed though since she squats 225 lbs. Thank you for your help! I'll take a week off, maybe do some light cardio on leg day just so I won't go crazy doing nothing!
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