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  1. I just figured out I have a groin pull. I got it when working out with my sister on Saturday, she had me go really heavy. I've worked legs twice since then and it's crazy painful to do heavy squats, lunges, and leg presses. I'm near tears when I'm doing them. My BIL told me that I can keep doing exercises as normal and the pain should go away in a couple of months (but he's crazily addicted to the gym so I'm not sure how much I should trust that?) but I just read online that I should avoid any type of exercise that causes my groin to hurt. Which means I'd have to go really light on my leg exercises or just forgo leg exercises all together which would stink big time! Anyone ever have a groin injury? It hurts really bad when I'm doing the workouts I mentioned above and then aches for the rest of the day but then becomes a mild ache until I do legs again. Which is every other day! On a positive note my wrist which was hurting for a few weeks is fine now!
  2. The Holistic doctor's group in my area suggests taking 6,000 IU of vitamin D a day for adults.
  3. Can you point me to an article or some information that says Nutivia is bad? I currently buy both their organic hemp seeds and powder in bulk and though I've not tried other brands the taste and quality seem good. Thanks!
  4. LOL, that would be a great shirt!
  5. I don't see any shirts that are polyester. And there is only one shirt that says, "VEGAN" in the front. I just want it to be direct and to the point. I've searched for a while now and have yet to find what I'm looking for. I suppose I could just get one made. I appreciate your help!
  6. I would love to purchase a shirt I can workout in (polyester) that says, "VEGAN" on the back or front. Does anyone know if such a shirt exists? If so can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  7. Thank you for all your help! I'm going to the gym now but I'll be doing lower body. I'll keep an eye out on my wrist and see if there are any exercises that cause it to hurt. Previously I had been focusing mostly on upper body so it would be a nice change to do more lower body and ab work. Would a wrist wrap glove help at all in preventing injury to my wrist in the future? I have Harbinger gloves that I love and I noticed they sell gloves with wrist supports. Thanks again!
  8. Hi, My right wrist has started to hurt and is now a bit swollen. I talked to my BIL who is a competitive body builder and he told me not to move my wrists when I'm lifting weights and that should fix it. However I'm still having issues. I lift heavy (for me at least) and I don't want to give that up since I'm starting to see better results with heavier lifting. So I was wondering if there is something I can wear around my wrist or wrap around it to help prevent the swelling and pain? I'm female and my wrists are really tiny. Not sure if that makes a difference but I'm throwing that out there just in case. TIA!
  9. Hi, I just talked to my BIL who is a competitive body builder (but not vegan) and he told me right after my workout I should take 30-40 grams of a fast acting protein powder and then right before bed I should take a slow acting protein powder. He's not familiar with vegan options though so I was hoping someone could tell me which types of protein powder are fast acting and which are slow acting. He also told me I need to have some carbs with my post-workout protein shake. He suggested rice cakes with jam. I was wondering if something like dried fruit would work too since it would be more convenient to bring along with me? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I've just learned about super sets. So I started super setting squats and straight leg dead lifts. And I love it! Can someone give me a list of other super sets I can do? I'd love one or two super sets for each body part. TIA!
  11. Thank you for your help. I'll up my protein intake and I'll up my weights too and see if that helps at all.
  12. I lift 5-6 days a week. I alternate between upper body and legs. I do three sets of 8-20. I try to mix it up a bit. So some days I'm lifting more weight then others. Today I benched 65 pounds, three sets, 12-8 reps. I try to go as heavy as I can but still be able to get my sets and reps in. I lift for 30 minutes to an hour. I also just started cardio back up again. I'm doing 20 minute interval running, one minute jog, one minute run. I mix my cardio up as well. I'll also do the elliptical and stair climber. The past month or two I didn't do much cardio and just really focused on weights to see if that would help but I don't think it has much. My body measurements haven't budged much in the past year and my weight is the same as it's been from a year ago. I'm sure I've gained muscle and lost fat as I do see some definition just not as much as I'd like. Thanks!
  13. I take in ~80-90 grams of protein a day including the protein shake. And I eat ~ 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day. I'm also nursing my son so I feel I eat more then I would if I was not nursing.
  14. Hi, Currently I drink one protein shake a day after my workout. I'm drinking 15 grams of hemp protein with water. I alternate every other month or so with 12-24 grams of rice protein. I am not seeing the results I desire so I'm wondering if I'm drinking enough protein after my workouts? I do not build muscle easily so I feel I need to work extra hard to get results though they are just not coming. I'm female, 125 lbs. and 5'4". If that helps at all. I appreciate any help that anyone can offer!
  15. I eat breakfast around 6am, a protein shake a 10:30am, lunch at around 1pm, then a snack around 3pm, dinner around 6pm, and then a snack at 7pm. I never eat junk so I've never felt the need to track my calories. I eat when I'm hungry. And I only drink water besides my daily protein shake which I make with water. I'll look for a calorie tracker online and see if that sheds any light on anything. Thank you for your help!
  16. Hi, I've been a vegan for almost a year now. I've been working out 3-6 days a week regularly for 14-months. I started by running for about an hour (5-6) miles a day, about 6-months later I added in weight lifting because I wasn't seeing any changes to my body. And for the past couple of months I've been focusing on weight lifting for 30-50 minutes 5 days a week with 20-minutes of cardio once or twice a week. I'm still not seeing results. I just checked my body measurements from a year ago and everything has basically stayed the same. I started incorporating protein shakes (either organic hemp or organic rice protein) a few months ago but I haven't noticed a difference. My weight at first went up by about five pounds but I'm back down now. I eat really clean too but I do not keep track of what I eat. I'm 5'4 and 125 lbs. I've weighed 125 lbs. for most of my adult life. My body seems to be happy at this weight I guess but I'd really like to lose fat and gain muscle. I also do not put on muscle easily, never have. So I'm wondering if P90X or Insanity would help shake things up and allow me to see the results I'm looking for? I'm not sure why my body is not changing. Even when I became vegan I thought I'd see some weight loss or something but nothing changed. I've always eaten a pretty clean diet though so maybe that is why? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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