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  1. Hey ya'll, I haven't been on here in a while, but I definitely should be here more. I've been super busy in the past year, started teaching and going to grad school full time, living off a stipend. Anyway, I've entered USAPL Raw Nationals! Thing is, it's in Colorado, I'm in Maryland... yea. Flight + Hotel = $$$ If you could send a couple bucks my way that would be amazing, just click the link below. http://fnd.us/c/6ltrc/sh/13Q4q4 Also some of my training videos are here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMastersofgravity
  2. Hey all! I know I haven't posted in here in FOREVER, but I had a little favor to ask. The apartment building I was living in had a fire a few weeks ago and my boyfriend and I are still trying to get back on our feet. Luckily no one was hurt and a friend has offered to house us. However, we still need some furniture and rent money! Any bit helps: https://www.wepay.com/donations/swole-island-refugee-fund-aka-keith-zoe-bryn-need-a-new-home
  3. It's been a while but just wanted to let people know that I've got my lifting blog up and running right here ----> http://www.powerliftingpinay.tumblr.com
  4. total weight of both DB's. not THAT big yet.
  5. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lys1by0qXH1qbd8n8o1_500.jpg progress pic. I've been trying to figure out this "cutting" thing for about 2 weeks, but still in the learning stage. haven't weighed myself this week but I think I've lost about 1lb, maybe 2. A month or so into the Westside Hybrid training program and I can see definite results in my upper body. I've been tracking my workouts in the training journal section if anyone is interested!
  6. Monday 1/30 Bench Press= 45x10/65x8/80x6/95x5/110x4 DB Bench= 55x15/60x10 BB Row/Rear Delt Flyes Superset= 95x10/25x10 95x10/ 25 x10 95x12/25x12 BB Shrugs= 95x8/95x10/95x12/95x12 e-z curl bar= 40x10/40x12/40x15/50x8 cardio= 20 min arctrainer Tuesday 1/31 Box Jumps (3 1/2 ft)= 6/9/12 Bulgarian Split Squats= 50x8/ 50x10 Step-ups onto 1 1/2 ft box= 50x8/50x8 45 degree hyperextensions w/ 20 lb ball= 12/12/12 Hammerstrength machine crunches= 10x15/15x15/20x15 Hanging Leg Raises= 20/25/25 Cardio= 2 Tabata intervals including kettlebell front swings, kettlebell cleans, trx strap rows, push-ups, box jumps, fighting ropes, leg raises Wednesday 2/1 Since it was AMAZINGLY warm and beautiful outside I rode my bike to Druid Hill Park after work. There's a track around the lake that is about a mile long, also around the track are 3 different stations of "workout" equipment. ex: row machine, dips, pull-ups, etc. Soooo I rode 1.5-1.7 miles around the track then did a tabata at each of the stations. I did this 4 times which comes out to 4 tabata rounds and about 6 miles of cycling.
  7. Wednesday 1/25 Prowler Pushes (w/ 140lbs added)= 20 sec. push/10 sec. rest x8 Prowler Sprints (w 70lbs added)= approx. 100 ft x 6 Thursday 1/26 Neutral grip Chin- ups= 5/5/4/2/3/3/2 Lat Pulldown + Face Pull Superset= 60x10/40x8 60x10/40x8 70x10/40x10 70x10/40x10 Standing Overhead press=45x12/55x10/60x8/60x8 Seated Shrug + DB Curl Superset= 70x10/20x10 70x10/20x10 70x10/20x10 30 min incline walk Friday 1/27 Squats= 135x10/165x8/185x6/210x5/230x3 and a half ish... Reverse Barbell Lunge= 95x8/100x8/100x8 Glute Ham Raises 8/10/12 4 Tabata intervals including: kettlebell front swings, kettlebell cleans, leg raises, push-ups, box jumps, fighting ropes
  8. Friday Jan 1/20 Deadlifts= 135x10/155x8/185x6/225x4 Walking Lunges with kettlebells= 70x12/70x11/70x12 Glute-Ham raises (from a seated calf raise machine)= 10/8/10 I haven't been able to pull these off completely. I either go forward as much as possible, about half way at this point, and pull back up, OR I slowly do the negative until I can't hold it and catch myself with my hands at the bottom and give myself a little push to start back up. Pull-throughs=50x10/60x6/70x6/70x12 3 AB circuits= 30 sec plank/20 leg raises/20 hip thrusts/30 sec plank no cardio (i know, I'ma a bum) Monday 1/23 Bench Press= 45x10/65x8/85x6/105x2/120x1/95x6....shouldn't have skipped 95 in working up to 120! Neutral grip chins= 5/5 Barbell rows+ rear delt flyes Superset= 95x10/20x10 95x10/25x10 105x8/25x10 105x10/25x12 Barbell Shrugs= 95x10/95x10/95x12/95x15 Curls= 30x15/40x12/40x12/40x10 cardio= 4 circuits of 20 sec "fighting" rope/12 kettlebell swings/12 push-ups/10 box hops over 1 1/2 ft. box. Tuesday 1/24 Box Jumps(3 1/2 ft)= 6/9/12 Bulgarian Split Squats (w/ DB's)= 50x8/50x8/50x10 Glute-ham raises= 8/10/12 weighted spread eagle sit-ups= 15 w. 20lbs/ 15 w. 35lbs/ 15 w. 45lbs. cardio= 35 min arctrainer intervals avg. HR 135. Still tweaking the cutting diet, right now I'm TRYING to hit 2250 cals a day but usually going over a little bit. My macros are 193.5 g protein, 70g fat, 211.5 g carbs. I almost ALWAYS go over in carbs. Despite this, I think I've lost almost a pound within the last week but I still need to clean up my diet a bit.
  9. Wednesday 1/18 Did tabata intervals in the garage of our "house" with the bf. We live in the 2nd floor apartment above an autobody shop/ paint shop/ glass shop/ hip-hop studio. We are regularly asked what the hell we're doing since we look like a weird prison workout session. Sledgehammer hits Push-ups BB rows tricep dips + hung up some chains from one of the rafters to do "trx" style rows and presses. I really need to do more cardio like this, I have no endurance whatsoever. Thursday 1/19 Chins= neutral grip 4/8 @ 40lbs assisted wide-grip 12 @ 40 lbs assisted neutral grip 3/9@ 40 lb assisted wide-grip 12 @ 46lbs assisted Superset of straight arm pulldowns+ face pulls= 20x12/30x12 30x12/40x12 30x10/40x12 30x12/40x12 DB Military Press= 50x8/50x10/50x10/50x8 Superset of DB shrugs + DB hammer curls= 60x10/20x8 60x10/20x10 60x10/20x10 Cardio:30 min incline walk avg HR 130bpm. Tomorrow is deadlift day! Yay!
  10. I suppose I started my cut this week. Trying to hit around 2,000 cals a day, if I start losing too fast, I'll up about 200cals. Monday 1/16 Bench Press= 45x10/75x8/85x6/95x5/115x3 PR! Looks like 135 isn't too far away! Chin-ups= 4 + 11 @ 40 lbs assisted/ 10 @ 40 lbs assisted Superset Cable Rows/Rear Delt Flyes= 70x12/25x8 90x10/25x8 80x10/25x8 80x12/25x10 Shrugs with kettlebells= 4 sets of 70lbs x15 DB curls= 20x15/20x15/20x12/20x10 Cardio: 20 min arctrainer avg HR 135bpm Tuesday 1/17 Squats= 115x12/135x10 I'm not supposed to squat on this day but I figured I'd throw it in for sort of a warm-up 3 1/2 ft. box jumps= 4x6 Step-ups onto 2 ft box= 60x5/60x5/50x10/50x10 Romanian Deadlift= 115x12/115x12/125x8 Weighted cable crunches= 45x15/40x15/40x15/40x15 Cardio: 30 min incline walk avg HR 130bpm
  11. Thursday 1/12 Neutral grip chinups= 5/5@28lbs assisted 5/5@28lbs asst 2/8@40lbs asst Superset Lat pulldowns+ Rear delt flyes=70x8/25x8 70x10/25x10 70x10/25x10 70x10/25x10 DB military press 50x8 50x10 50x8 50x8 Superset Barbell shrugs+ alternating DB curls= 70x10/20x10 70x10 /20x10 70x10/20x10 15min incline walk Friday 1/13 Squat= 135x8 165x6 185x5 205x4 230x3 PR! lunges with kettleballs= 70x12 70x12 70x12 45degree hyperextensions w/ 25lbs=3x12 3 Grounded ab circuits= 20 bike crunches 15 leg raises 15 toe touches 20 hip thrusts Saturday 1/14 Prowler pushes 30secx10 w/ 250lbs
  12. Hey! I'm Zoe, and I think it's about time I start tracking my training and diet correctly so I can see the best results possible. I competed in powerlifting for the first time last month and now I'm even more motivated to lift some HEAVY weights. Here are my totals from the meet: http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/14516179125/5/tumblr_lwijwv5rIj1qbd8n8 I set the MD state record in my weight class! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlfJPPpRq0Y My goal this year is to hit 300+lbs. in both squat and deadlift. And for bench I'd like to press 135lbs. I figure if I went from never going to the gym to competing in powerlifting in one year, then these numbers aren't THAT intimidating. I also plan to start a slow cut next week. I just want to get down to about 123lbs and see if it effects my strength then go from there. I welcome any advice and criticisms on my training and diet, whatever I need to reach these goals. After the competition I started my training based on a Westside Hybrid training program. Mostly, this template by Joe Defranco:http://www.defrancostraining.com/articles/38-articles/65-westside-for-skinny-bastards-part3.html I enjoy the variety so far, but I also need to read up more on it. Today is my off day, I might do some GPP but...then again maybe not. Here's my week so far... Monday 1/9 Bench Press= 45x10/75x8/85x6/95x5/110x4 DB Bench= 50x15/50x15 Barbell Row/DB "power clean" supersets= 1st set: 95x8/30x8 2nd: 95x10/30x8 3rd: 95x12/30x8 4th:105x8/30x8 Shrugs=70x12/70x12/70x10/80x10 DB curls= 15x15/20x8/20x10/20x12 cardio: 30 mins arc trainer avg. heart rate 135bpms Tuesday 1/10 Box Jumps (3.5 ft)= 3x6 Bulgarian Split Squats= 70x10/70x10/70x10 45 degree hyperextensions w/ 45lb plate= 3x12 DB side bends= 35x15/40x15/45x12/45x12 cardio: 30 min. arctrainer avg HR: 135bpms
  13. I laid off of benching and military press for almost 2 months when i initially injured it. When I started back up I was very careful, starting light and making sure my form was perfect. thanks for the kind words everyone!
  14. a little less than a month away from my first powerlifting comp. currently: 129lbs. http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/12797192222/1/tumblr_lunz6qnSp01qbd8n8 http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/12797192222/2/tumblr_lunz6qnSp01qbd8n8 http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/12797192222/3/tumblr_lunz6qnSp01qbd8n8
  15. Thanks everyone. I'm about 2 months away from my 1st powerlifting competition and i'm really excited. I don't exactly have "rock hard abs"...But, I can tell you that I rarely do ab isolation exercises, I do hanging leg raises and planks at least once a week, but most of my core strength comes from lots of squats and deadlifts.
  16. http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrlj95Y9wy1qbd8n8o1_500.jpg Did the 20 rep squat program for 6 weeks started with 130x20, ended with 200X20. I'm now in the first week of the 5/3/1 powerlifting program.
  17. thanks everyone! the 225lb deadlift i have done for 5 reps, same for a 220lb squat. I'm trying to look into any small powerlifting competitions in the MD area, let me know if you come across any! Right now i'm 3 weeks into the 20 rep squat program and loving it. Just hit 170lbs for 20 reps. hopefully 175 tomorrow!
  18. http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/8340335071/1/tumblr_lp96mbKEWp1qbd8n8 http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/8340335071/2/tumblr_lp96mbKEWp1qbd8n8 http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/8340335071/3/tumblr_lp96mbKEWp1qbd8n8 totally delayed progress photos. I took these about a week after I finished 12 weeks of Stronglifts 5x5 program. Clearly I admit I don’t look much different from the 12 weeks before, however, my strength gains are pretty awesome. My PR’s are all for 5 sets of 5 except for Deadlift which goes for one set of 5. Oh and I’m currently at 127lbs. I was about 120 before the stronglifts program. Squat= 220 lbs. Deadlift= 225 lbs. Bench Press= 95lb. This is really weak because I got an arm injury less than halfway into the program. Military Press= 65 lbs. Also weak due to the arm injury. Pendlay Rows= 100 lbs. NOW, I am one week into a 6 week 20 rep squat program. Basically for 3 times a week I will be doing the following: Squat x 20 (started at 130 lbs., adding 5 lbs every workout) Pullovers 20 x 20 (more of a stretch than a lift) Stiff legged Deadlifts x 15 (feelin em in the hams HARDCORE) Bench Press 3 x 10 Pullovers 20 x 20 Pendlay Rows 3 x 10 Military Press 3 x 12 Funtimes, right? I’m diggin it so far. The original diet that is supposed to go with this program is the drink a gallon of milk a day thing, but…i’m vegan. And even if I wasn’t, that sounds damn gross anyway. Basically, I’ll be sticking to my usual, however, TRYING to eat a little bit cleaner. I do go crazy with vegan pizza and stuff on the weekends, but I generally keep to getting AT LEAST 1g of protein per lb. of bodyweight which isn’t hard to do. I eat hella carbs because A: I love them. B: The last time I tried to cut them down I felt like I was going to wither away and die. Having a very low body fat percentage is not really important to me. I’d rather be strong than cut. Luckily I’ve always had a pretty fast metabolism and with the amount of training I do, I stay pretty lean anyway. I’m not too concerned with getting a ripped ass 6 pack, and I don’t exactly see that happening with the way I eat anyway. Plus, I like having an ass, and legs that support me…and all that. GOALS: The way my squat and deadlift numbers are looking, my boyfriend says I could compete in powerlifting soon. I thought about it and I think I’m down once I get my bench press up to a less embarrassing number. So, maybe in a year or so I’ll be looking into small powerlifting competitions around the state. For squat and deadlift, lifting twice my bodyweight is not that far away. So, I’m looking to get to pulling 300 lbs before I compete. As for bench, I would eventually like to reach pressing my bodyweight. Sounds reasonable enough, eh?
  19. Thanks everyone! My legs have always been a strong point for me. However, I do bike often and I work at a state park which requires A LOT of hiking. Doing heavy squats has really done wonders for my quads though.
  20. Hey! I posted these in the training journal threads but I thought I'd post just the photos here too. diet and training log will be updated over there: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=23513 but i'll keep the progress photos comin as I go. My goals are purely to gain more and morestrength, but ya can't help when the muscle actually start poppin' up! BEFORE= no weightlifting. http://oi54.tinypic.com/4h60jq.jpg AFTER 12 weeks lifting- April '11 (don't mind how white i get in the winter haha) http://oi56.tinypic.com/2gx2umu.jpg http://oi56.tinypic.com/dn0axf.jpg http://oi52.tinypic.com/bf58qx.jpg
  21. Hey everyone! So, I don't think I've really posted here, except for an intro about 3 months back. I joined a gym in late December and have been lifting 4-5 days a week since. I've finally reached a cruise week and will probably start the 5X5 stronglifts program http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-training-program next. Before I started going to the gym, I was still a pretty active person; running on occasion, riding my bike a lot, and my full time job is about 80% manual labor. However, I thought I'd try out the weightlifting thing since my boyfriend is SUPER into it, I'm a restless person always, and I was getting cabin fever during the winter. He's been extremely helpful with teaching me proper form with lifts and all the basics. He actually just got me two different non-leather lifting belts, and 5 lbs of hemp/pea/rice protein (pb choco flavored!) for my birthday. We've really become a way too nerdy fitness couple. Anyway, the basic outline of how I was lifting the past 12 weeks is a 4 day split with a 5 day for abs (if I felt so inclined). Mon: Shoulders/traps Tues: Chest/Tri's Weds: off Thurs: Back/Bi's Fri: Abs Sat: off Sun: Legs Except for Leg day I would do 20 min of cardio before AND after lifting. Leg day I'd do 20 min cardio before. Having naturally strong legs all my life, squats have become my favorite. PR= 165lbs x 5. One of my biggest problems is getting my form straight on deadlifts. I love the pump you get from the exercise, but everytime I go heavy I lose the form in my shoulders and I know that's not good! So, although I know I CAN add weight to my deadlift I've never gone past 145lbs for the sake of safety. The first month and a half of training I gained a good 5 lbs of what I figure is muscle because I sure don't feel or look "fatter". I don't watch my diet too seriously since I happen to be blessed with a fast metabolism. Some days I will easily eat almost 4,000 cals and feel fine. But, for the sake of my health I have been trying to cut out most sugar and refined carbs. Making sure I get enough protein has become way more important to me, so I keep track of that (at least 1g to each lb of bodyweight) and drink 2-3 protein shakes a day. BUT, enough blabbing on, the first pic is my before, and the rest are after 12 weeks training. Any suggestions on approaching the 5x5 program would be great! Also, any Vegan Baltimore lifters out there? let's meet up and lift! August 2010 couldn't really find a posey pic like this closer to when I started training http://i54.tinypic.com/dpa8mr.jpg April 2011 different house, different hair cut, and completely lacking of my summer tan... http://i56.tinypic.com/2gx2umu.jpg http://i52.tinypic.com/ightmg.jpg http://i52.tinypic.com/bf58qx.jpg http://i54.tinypic.com/n2hc0h.jpg
  22. I live in Bmore! Been working out at the gold's in dundalk and glen burnie.
  23. Thanks! I am definitely going to start recording everything that I eat, just to become more aware of what I'm doing day by day.
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