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  1. Cool. As soon as it's gone, I'm ditching it.....have a good day!
  2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the input. Okay...so...do I really even need to supplement with Glutamine at all, since it's already in my post-workout shakes? I keep using it (mostly because I've read that it can curb cravings) but if I don't really need it, then I will ditch it completely. It's just wasted money really, and I'm all about cutting out what I don't need. Otherwise, if I keep it, I should only use it post-workout, is what you're saying? And keep the BCAA powder, but only use it pre- and post-workout on LIFTING days...have I got it right?
  3. After my lifting workout, I have some rice/pea/hemp protein with coconut or flaxseed oil, 8 oz water and 8 oz rice or almond milk, and usually frozen mango or a banana thrown in, 5 grams creatine, 5 grams glutamine, 5 grams BCAA. Sometimes I add spirulina powder and spinach. About an hour after that, I have rolled oats with some raisins or whole grain toast with natural peanut butter and jam. I'm wondering though, now that I am switching to T-Th-Sat early-morning cardio only (prob HIIT), should I eat anything before I head to the gym? I know it's prob best to have nothing and do it on an empty stomach, but if I have to have SOMETHING, should it just be a protein/fat source? Like maybe either a small protein shake with water or 1 tbsp natural peanut butter? I know I want to stay away from carbs before cardio, right? I also have (on the way to the gym - but I save it mostly for during the workout) water with either an Emergen-C packet or powdered Gatorade drink with 5 grams creatine, 5 grams BCAA, 5 grams glutamine and 2 grams Beta Alanine. I use creatine, BCAA powder and glutamine both before and after, 5 grams each time. Sometimes I also crush 200 mg caffeine in that drink, as well. Just depends how I feel. I try not to get dependent on that. Also, I usually have an apple before my lifting workouts or toast with jam (I generally workout by 7:00 a.m. every morning so I don't want to eat a real "meal" at that time yet.) I almost always follow my lifting AND cardio sessions with my rice/pea/hemp protein shake listed above, then I eat something like rolled oats or brown rice and bean tortilla, rice cake with peanut butter or almonds and dried fruit or soy yogurt with nuts, about an hour or two later. Should I still have the protein drink after my cardio only sessions that I'm going to be starting? In other words, the post-workout nutrition stays the same, regardless of whether you've just done cardio-only or lifted weights? That's where I'm unsure.....and I'm not sure of the proper carb/protein ratio for post-workout either. I used to try and do 2:1 or 3:1.
  4. MrSwolehouse, I think you may be right. On M-W-F I am doing that 30 minutes of cardio AFTER I do my lifting at the gym. That's not so good, I know. I'm going to just dump the 30 mins like you suggested and see what happens. Once I actually do that 30 minutes after lifting, I am pretty beat anyway. I am a self-proclaimed cardio-junkie, I'll admit. I know that my body responds better to lots of cardio, but that actually years ago when I had a ton of weight to lose. Ever since then, I've felt chained to cardio for results. It's probably best I do cardio on a separate day altogether. I'm ordering the Met-RX CLA today and starting that next week, too.
  5. I know...I used to do the 6-meal-a-day thing....chicken, brown rice/sweet potato, broccoli. I thought I would die if I ate another chicken breast. Now I eat a lot of legumes, still lots of brown rice but I have variation now. I love to make lentil soup, too. I make a lot of stir-fry type dishes with tofu now, too. You can always mix up the veggies and seasonings. Every night is a chance to make a new recipe. I love it. I feel healthier now than ever before. I was about 225 lbs at my heaviest weight, and currently I am around 132 lbs., 5'7" tall. I am trying to really just tone up and add more definition. I have so much more energy for my workouts now and amazing motivation. I mostly run, do cardio machines at the gym, strength train, Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga, and crossfit/Krav Maga classes. My concern now is that I may be doing too much running/cardio machines....I don't want to waste away any muscle that I could be adding...I don't know how much is too much. I'm doing about 30 minutes on M-W-F and about a full hour of cardio (either at the gym or running outside) on T-Th-Sat. Sundays are my rest day, or just take my dogs for a walk. You should check out Robert Cheeke's book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. It's awesome! I thought I "already knew everything I needed to know about health and fitness" but I am learning a lot by reading his book. It's keeping me inspired at the moment.
  6. Welcome, btw, (We've been chatting about supplements already but I didn't realize you were new here.) I'm actually pretty new myself, having only been vegan since May. I, too, was always afraid of...."where I'd get my protein" from. It's true, though, it's a much healthier lifestyle and you can most definitely build a strong lean physique....with muscles...while being vegan. You look awesome! Keep it up!
  7. Interesting. Well, I will have to try that brand. I can order it from Bodybuilding.com for $14.95 for 90 pills, looks like. So with that brand you're taking 2 softgels in the a.m. and 2 in p.m.? I'll give it a try for sure. Thanks for the tip. I think the brand I was using before was Natrol Tonalin CLA.
  8. MrSwolehouse, I've tried Tonalin CLA in the past. I could sort of take it or leave it. I couldn't really say either way whether it did anything for me. Maybe I will give it a try again and see what I think.
  9. Tuc, Thanks for your reply. I think you're correct about that. I'm already using beta-alanine, so the carnitine would just be another expense for nothing, I'd say.
  10. According to the Environmental Working Group website, here's the 2010 "Dirty Dozen": (You would want to purchase these as organic, if possible:) Celery, Peaches, Strawberries, Apples, Blueberries, Nectarines, Bell Peppers, Spinach, Kale, Cherries, Potatoes, Grapes (Imported) And here's the 2010 "Clean 15": (So you can purchase these as conventional, but be sure to wash them really well) Onions, Avocado, Sweet Corn, Pineapple, Mango, Sweet Peas, Asparagus, Kiwi, Cabbage, Eggplant, Cantaloupe, Watermelon Grapefruit, Sweet Potato, Honeydew Melon Do remember to wash even the melons, even though they’re on the clean 15. I have read other sources that say cantaloupes, for example, can be very heavily sprayed. Our bodies are generally safe because of the very thick rind on the melon, but you want to make sure you scrub the outside very well before slicing it and rolling it around on the cutting board that will soon be home to your cut fruit. Does Washing Help Reduce the Pesticides? Washing helps, but the dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists take washing and peeling into account. There are still internal chemicals floating around all these produce items.
  11. Has anyone ever tried L-Carnitine? I was thinking of trying something called Quadracarn L-Carnitine by Beverly International (this product has "extra" carnitine.) It sounds like a great product to add, but a lot of things that I've read say that it isn't "proven" to be effective. I just wondered if anyone had experience with it. L-carnitine transfers long-chain fatty acids, such as triglycerides into mitochondria (a cell's energy powerhouse), where they may be oxidized to produce energy. L-carnitine is a very popular supplement that promotes growth and development. It is also used for fat-burning, increasing energy, and improving resistance to muscle fatigue. L-carnitine also helps to build muscle. It is also great in dieting, as it reduces feelings of hunger and weakness. Supposedly, it works even better when paired with caffeine. It targets fat loss better together.
  12. If you can find a Crossfit class near your home, that's a great workout. Once I incorporated that into the mix, the muscles were popping out....I do a ton of cardio and weights, too. I had to really up my intake of food in order to start to see results. I wasn't eating enough or often enough and felt so drained. When you're pushing your body, you need to also fuel the body. At first I thought I was going to gain fat, but I didn't. I did see the number on the scale increase, but my inches went down. It's all a process...but it's well worth it.
  13. I have cried every single time I've watched it. I watched it alone first, then with my husband. I couldn't stop crying but wanted to share it with him, so I pushed through it. It definitely reminds me of why I'm vegan. I love Joaquin Phoenix. After seeing Food, Inc and then Earthlings, and a few other documentaries, it's what inspired me to get involved with a local animal rights group. I felt so helpless and wanted to do something, anything. I totally agree that it should be shown to non-vegans, as well, and in schools.
  14. I use something called Purple Wraath during my workout and I also throw in BCAA powder, Glutamine and Creatine. I sometimes add Beta-Alanine if I have it, but it's already in the Purple Wraath powder that I use. Post-workout I always have a rice protein shake (at the moment I'm using Nutribiotic Organic powder) mixed with water and rice milk or water and some juice. I throw in some coconut oil for some fat and one cup or berries usually, along with spirulina powder and/or ground flaxseeds. I usually have an apple pre-workout and lots of water. I also have oatmeal about an hour after my post-workout shake or something with lots of carbs. I never really have cravings for anything bad and haven't eaten anything with refined sugar in ages. I can honestly say that I don't miss junk food at all. I actually crave fruit now when I want something sweet. What happens to me now is that if I eat something loaded with sugar, I get a bad headache and crash really quickly. I've played around with tons of supplements and truly do believe that it's 80% what you're eating, 10% genetics and 10% exercise. No amount of supplementation will help if your diet and lifestyle are not up to par. That's just the simple truth.
  15. I've started buying all my personal care products from the health food store near my home. It's a little pricier, but the quality is so much better, so it's worth it. I love Avalon Organics, Aubrey Organics, JASON, Kiss My Face, to name a few. Aveda products are my fave and that's what they use at my hair salon. I'm faithful to their Botanical Kinetics gel face wash and hydrating creme.
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